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FIFA 17 Momentum Discussion : General Discussion

Posted: December 27th, 2016, 11:14 pm

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Is the momentum in FIFA? On Tuesday, Reddit users showed source code to gamers of FIFA 17. The word Momentum is explicitly mentioned in it. Besides, it seems to be proven: the game changes live the difficulty. At least in career mode.

Just before the end of the year, the discussion about the"momentum"in FIFA 17 gets even more wind. According to the Facebook and Twitter, many people believe that a momentum exists in FIFA, no matter how often Electronic Arts (EA) denies it.

Now code snippets from the PC version are dived and make their round via the online forum Reddit. The code excerpt suggests that at least an offline party is rotated, for example, in career mode. The opponent's artificial AI changes according to the move, depending on how good or bad the game is for the human player.

The theme is explosive:"Momentum"means the change in the difficulty level during ongoing matches. Thus, well-placed or better-playing teams should receive a depreciation no later than the last minutes of the game. This should lead to the fact that players can no longer shoot or fit properly. The gameplay throws EA mouse action to keep worse players in winning game modes like the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). So that people will spend more money to get fifa 17 coins, EA will earn more money at the same time.

EA always denied such mechanisms. Of course it would be extremely detrimental to the company and the straight-forward eSports scene, if it came out that the game gives unfair advantages. That would be like playing FC Bayern Munich players on their backs so that they can not run so fast and also has a chance to stay in the first Bundesliga

The big questions are now: Is this a code that is actually executed in FIFA? And even more importantly, does this programming also affect online parts in games against other gamers?

Do you think momentum exist in FIFA? Will EA give us convinced explanations? Stay tuned.

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