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Some interesting idea for FIFA 16 : General Discussion

Posted: September 6th, 2015, 5:24 pm

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I know this won't be to everyone's taste but it's still an interesting idea.
We should be allowed to play slightly dirty here and there. Players like Diego Costa and Raul Garcia are masters of the dark arts. Similarly, we should be able to have altercations with opposing players. Things like a slight push at corners or a cheeky kick out.

There should be risks to this as well. The referee can issue yellows and sometimes even red cards. It could be made even more interesting by allowing opposition players to choose their response to the aforementioned provocation. If the person who you're playing against gets really angry because of your cheap shots, he could lash out and risk a red himself.
Also, home fans should raise their volume level everytime an away player acts dirty.

You should also be able to jump the advertising boards and take your top off, you could then interact with fans/ultras behind the cheap Fifa 16 coins. It would result in a guaranteed yellow card and only be active for certain periods in the game, e.g a last minute winner/equaliser. Not the 7th goal in a 7-1 victory.

I remember when PES introduced diving. I had so much fun getting red carded for repeated terrible dives. You really had to time them right to get a call (I got maybe one penalty out of all my dives). I would love FIFA to introduce stuff like that, but under the users control, e.g. if a foul is committed, you can press a quick touch on the d-pad to give the guy who fouled you a stomp.

The PES days were great, but I didn't know it was possible to get a call or penalty from a dive. KSI actually had a video on the subject back in his FIFA 12 days, and I agree with his idea to have it offline but not online. The rage from losing to a dive would be unreal, but diving and dirty play would be REALLY fun offline or in career. Maybe it could even affect reputations over time until the refs begin to have a "campaign against Chelsea" or something like that.

I think L1 on fifa98/99's was the bad foul button. Literally run and give them an elbow or do a slider with one foot pointing 45 degrees right up at the player. Great times. Used to love putting referee strictness to 0 then having the dirtiest games you could imagine. Also diving on fifa 98 was stupidly effective. My brother used to get my players straight reds every game. You didn't even have to be close to them.

There are much worse offenders out there with Fifa 16 coins ps4. Robben's diving gets so exaggerated because of that stupid "no era penal" foul/dive during the world cup. He goes down easy, but there's always contact. I watch every single Bayern game and I can think of three dives in the last 4 years.

I would love this, something like a "petulance" stat/rating/trait. but I think they'd need to prevent players from getting red carded from it. One yellow max, otherwise the !@#$%^&* would be outrageous. A "leadership" stat/rating/trait that actually does something would be awesome, too. Maybe give people an incentive to use notable leaders/captains like John Terry, Pirlo, or Kompany.

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