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The Perks of Becomming a TaultUnleashed Premium Member

Premium Dupes, Leveling Exploits, and Farming Bugs.

These are the rarest types of exploits out there. Almost every major MMO dupe has started here first. Don't just read about it in patch notes. Reap the rewards from the most secretive ways to level, farm, and dominate pvp.

Win Monthly Contests for awesome prizes or cash.

Enter our monthly contests and you can win PS3s, LCD TVs, Apple Ipods, Visa Gift Cards, and More! All premium members are eligible and the prizes keep getting better and better.

FREE Paid for Leveling Guides and Exclusive Farming & Leveling Spots

Gain access to all those paid guides you see online. Learn the spots gold farmers use when they are farming for items or in game currency. Also learn about the secret leveling spots only the pros know.

Talk about potential dupes, share secretive leveling spots, and get help from the pros.

Gain access to our exclusive premium only discussion areas. Here we post new site features, new potential major exploits, farming spots, hacks, and bots. Premium members also get a special forum title showing they have helped to support taultunleashed. Plus did we mention no ads for all premium members.

A FREE Premium Account over at MMOViper for Advanced Leveling Bots and Radar Hacks

With your taultUnleashed premium membership you will get a FREE premium account over at MMOViper.com. The people are MMOViper have been making bots and hacks for over 15 years now. From rift to star wars the old republic, MMOViper has the bots you want. You will gain access to EVERY bot and hack they create.

Start Making Money By Sharing What You find.

For every 10 items you submit that the community likes we will pay YOU 10 dollars cash. Or you can refer others to become a premium member and we will pay you up to 15 dollars per referral. We have paid out more than $300,000.00 To Date

Digital Membership Delivery
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Once you join the site you will be able to log in right away with the user name and password you created. All perks above will be available to you right away.

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This is for a premium membership to TaultUnleashed with all the latest bots, hacks, cheats, leveling guides, secrets, beta invites, and more!


User Reviews
Long Time User Here
I joined the site a few years ago and am still a dedicated member of the team. Originally i joined for wow but as the years have gone on i am now playing other games...

Perfect Worlder
The best site i found.
Joined for starcraft 2. Got the guides i was looking for and a few trainers which helped me online. That's all i was really after and now I'm just waiting for diablo 3 to come out.

Membership Paid For Itself
I managed to make around 100 plats so far which is about 25 bucks if i where to buy them online so the site has paid for itself in my opinion.


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