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Bugs in Game : Champions Online - General / Guide - Discussions

Posted: September 16th, 2009, 1:04 am

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from: http://forums.champions-online.com/showthread.php?t=59224

author: goryus

List of currently bugged powers This list is compiled from recent forum posts. If you know of any other bugged or broken powers, please post them up, and I'll add them to the compilation! If you have any additional information about any of the items in this list, please don't hesitate to let me know. I was not able to personally verify every item on this list, and will do my best to promptly correct any inaccuracies.


Force > Force Shield > Rank 2
- Ranking this power up past Rank 1 causes it to stop returning energy.

Archery > Quarry > Fair Game
- This advantage is not returning any health when an opponent is defeated, as the description states.

Archery > Storm of Arrows > Achilles Heel
- This advantage does not appear to be rooting opponents, as the description states.
- This advantage does not appear to be disabling flight, as the description states.

Munitions > Two-Gun Mojo > Close the Gap
- This advantage seems to be providing only a very small damage increase (description states 50%, deciomal error?)

Munitions > Lock N Load
- This power appears to be increasing the energy cost of Munitions powers (not decreasing them)

Gadgeteering > Molecular Self-Assembly
- Does not appear to return health as the description states.
- Whenever any toggle runs it's full course, restores your energy to completely full instantly

Gadgeteering > Nanobot Swarms
- Removes 17s from power cool down timers (description says 30, so one or the other is wrong)

Gadgeteering > Healing Drones
- Ranking this power up does not appear to affect the healing strength, rate, or endurance cost of the power.

Power Armor > Chest Beam
- The description indicates that this power should damage other targets along the path to your main target, however, it does not actually do so.

Dual Blades > Rain of Steel > Grinning Ghost
- Critical hit buff does not appear to provide any increase in critical hit rate

Dual Blades > Focus of the Unleashed Tempest
- Critical hit buff does not appear to provide any increase in critical hit rate
- Ranking up the power may not be functioning as intended (description states it provides extra stacks of Heightened Focus on a dodge)

Single Blade > Reaper's Caress
Single Blade > Scything Blade
- The Bleed effects from these powers do not stack with each other, but do stack with Bleed effects from the Supernatural set.
- One or the other is probably not intended.

Single Blade > Dragon's Bite
Single Blade > Reaper's Embrace
- These powers do not trigger on the upgraded bleed from Scything Blade
- These powers do not trigger on Bleeds that were applied by powers from the Supernatural set.

Martial Arts > Focus of the Unfettered Warrior
- Dodge buff does not appear to provide any increase in dodge rate

Martial Arts > Bountiful Chi Resurgence > Resurgent Reiki
- This advantage does not remove tooltip stating that the power debuffs damage when used

Martial Arts > Inexorable Tides > Instep crush
- Places a 'root' icon on the target, but does not stop them from moving

Telekinesis > Kinetic Darts > Incisive Wit
- Every time Incisive Wit procs, it puts the Ego Surge, Shadow Shroud, Immolation, Ice Sheath, and Electric Sheath powers on cool down.
- It is still possible to stack one of these powers with Incisive Wit by applying the desired power first.
- If we are supposed to be able to stack them, then using Incisive Wit should not put the other powers on cool down.
- If we are not supposed to be able to stack them, then reversing the order of application should not be allowing them to stack.

Telekinesis > Telekinetic Shield
- The lingering effect provides equal defense vs. attacks from the back (description indicates it should not)

Telepathy > Ego Sprites > Slave Mentality
- Although the DoT effect does not stack, the HoT provided by the advantage does (an apparently unlimited number of times)
- This means that using the power repeatedly can cause a wall of healling that makes you nearly invincible

Might > Haymaker > Nullifying Punch
- This advantage does not appear to end HoT effects on the target, as the description states
- This advantage does not appear to reduce the strength of future heals on the target, as the description states

Might > Havoc Stomp > Cannonball
- Taking the Cannonball upgrade causes you to take massive falling damage every time the power is used.

Sorcery > Circle of Ebon Wrath
- Ranking up this power appears to have no effect

Sorcery > Invocation of Storm Calling
- The repel pushes enemies so far back that the AoE which follows it almost always misses

Sorcery > Skarn's Bane
- This power deals 0 damage unless the Warlock's Malice advantage is also purchased.

Sorcery > All Auras
- As of the 9/10 patch, the Sorcery Auras no longer affect pets.

Supernatural > Devour Essence > Phlebotomist
- This advantage does not apply any additional healing when the target is Bleeding due to a power from the Single Blade set.

Supernatural > Lash > Meteor Hammer
- Purchasing this advantage causes the beneficial effects of the Aspects to stop affecting this power.

Supernatural > Aspect of the Dragon
Supernatural > Aspect of the Celestial
Supernatural > Aspect of the Inferno
- Ranking this power up to rank 2 or higher causes it to cease functioning.

Supernatural > Resurgence > Evanescent Emergent
- This advantage does not allow you to use Resurgence while held, as the description states.

Travel > Super Jump
- Causes the user to take massive falling damage on landing.
- Also a problem, albeit to a lesser degree, with Acrobatics


All Powers
- Repeatedly tapping the power will sometimes cause the graphical effect to not display.

Power Armor > Energy Shield > Laser Knight
- Color Tinting does not work with the Laser Knight given shield.

Martial Arts > Bountiful Chi Resuragnce
- Changing the color of this power does not actually change the green glow to any other color.

Martial Arts > Lightning Reflexes
- As of the 09/10 patch, this power no longer changes color when you alter the power in the power window.

Telekinesis > Ego Form
Telekinesis > TK Darts > Incisive Wit
Telekinesis > Ego Surge
- If you have a chest emblem on your costume, the Ego Form provided by these powers draws a square around it.

Telepathy > Mindful Reinforcement
- Changing the color of this power does not actually change the color of the bubble it creates.

Telepathy > Summon Nightmare
- Changing the color of this power does not change the particle cloud around the summons
- Changing the color of this power only affects the Larval Horror slightly, remaining mostly default colors

Supernatural > Iron Lariat > Kyokushetezin Soze
- Has no charge up animation


UI > Character Frames
- Stackable buffs and debuffs do not show stacks.

UI > Character Frames
- Buffs and debuffs sometimes give timer for their remaining duration and sometimes don't.

UI > Character Frames
- Mousing over buffs or debuffs provides no tool tip.

UI > Powers Menu
- When looking at all powers, you cannot see what advantages are available for powers you have
- You can see advantages for powers that you do not have, however

Dual Blades > Eye of the Storm
- This power's description says it gives you increased resists the longer you use it.
- This is the not the case - It appears to provide an increasing amount of shielding.

Telepathy > Ego Sleep
- This power's description does not indicate that the hold it applies breaks on damage.

Telepathy > Psonic Healing > Rank 2
- when checking what the increased ranks do when selecting advantages, no actual data is provided.
- Instead, you get the original description of the power itself.

Might > Roomsweeper
- Advanced description has "???" in place of actual values

Sorcery > Arcane Vitality > Impart Freedom
- Description does not indicate that this must be maintained fully to see its effect.

Sorcery > Any Circle
- the detailed descriptions do not provide data on what the summoned circle actually does.

Sorcery > Sigils of Ebon Weakness
- the detailed description does not provide information how much the sigils debuffs the targets.

General > Pet powers
- The detailed descriptions do not state what the pet actually does.

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