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[17:22]  <coltan>  
swg auto reverse engineering
[08:48]  <auemperor94>  
[17:06]  <Tault_admin>  
The problem with a discord as it will take traffic away from the forums.. and TU isnt really a discussion kind of site.
[17:06]  <Tault_admin>  
For others, there is very old information here that has not been sorted and old/outdated information removed yet.
[13:10]  <thesinerd>  
can i help
[00:53]  <pursuited357>  
@Admin: I agree that a Discord Server will likely take traffic away from the forum and deter submissions... So then I have to ask what is your game plan for this revival of TU? And if you are looking for help as you posted, how should someone reach you? I personally have left multiple PMs and Posts and this Chat... So for those who would want to help out -- What do you suggest they do?
[11:16]  <thesinerd>  
i need help getting my old account active
[11:17]  <se7enthsin>  
[14:35]  <se7enthsin>  
http://www.tucex.com/ needs to be removed as its not longer a active site.. thanks
[05:02]  <seadon>  
[22:27]  <andrew0572>  
[18:07]  <shanelp>  
do any of the ffxi bots still work?
[07:22]  <se7enthsin>  
mmoviper is live and well.
[18:33]  <se7enthsin>  
I want to spend my tu bucks! Can i get prem back on here with those
[18:15]  <domitus>  
Are Everquest 2 Harvester bots working currently? havent used one in years
[18:22]  <domitus>  
where do i get MMO viper after i get Premium
[13:39]  <se7enthsin>  
mmoviper has separated from tu you'll need to go to mmoviper.com
[11:08]  <lokiin>  
hello everyone
[11:08]  <lokiin>  
what a free member can have here?
[16:47]  <greenhero711>  
!@#$%^&* leeches. Why have a payment system set-up for a dead website?
[16:00]  <slayer23>  
[04:22]  <budde184>  
double armr
[11:05]  <diddler>  
[12:46]  <bjbeaty3>  
[11:13]  <toeycabal>  
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Maple Story

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Why OverTheCounter Yeast …
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Mortal Online

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Myth of Soma

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Working Bot
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Perfect World

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Smurf It bot
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Realm Of The Mad God

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RF RedFox 2016
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Risk Your Life

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Hello all im new on RYL, …
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Stargate Worlds

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Sword of the New World

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The Elder Scrolls Online

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Torchlight 2

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When is simply too abund…
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Twelve Sky 2

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Ultima Online

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Z logo
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Subforums: Wildstar Discussions, Wildstar Submissions, Wildstar Premium Exploits
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Re: Wildstar Exploit - Me…
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World of Kung Fu

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World of Tanks

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World of Warcraft

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