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[09:13]  <dozenrl>  
ultima online
[07:29]  <healerofdark>  
any one know the lua to open chest from far away on ffxi
[07:29]  <healerofdark>  
or addon
[14:00]  <jaeru13>  
[11:36]  <pursuited357>  
@Tault_Admin: Please mesg me to show you want some help.. I have not heard from you... PM on Tault, Email: pursuited357@gmail.com : or Discord:pursuited#2643 (my icon is a blue question mark).
[11:45]  <pursuited357>  
@Tault_Admin: It is rare for you to find a Tault Unleashed Staff Member from 10+ Years ago, come back to this very site and offer to help and re-build this once great place... If your serious @tault_admin then contact me.... I have shown my outwardness to help -- You said you need help... So then now what? Lets open some communication...
[12:50]  <pursuited357>  
@Tault_Admin: I am sure alot are curious on this as well - Is there an Official Discord Server for tault unleashed?
[05:07]  <svenskystinkywinky>  
Hi, are there any working dupes in STO?
[14:17]  <jahnam20>  
looking for warrior script
[16:29]  <zooox117>  
were to get cheat
[16:32]  <zooox117>  
mmo viper
[16:40]  <zooox117>  
diablo 3 cheat were to get '
[19:40]  <kreetle>  
im trying to find a bot that can control a couple characters for LoTRO, just a healer and a dps
[17:22]  <coltan>  
swg auto reverse engineering
[08:48]  <auemperor94>  
[17:06]  <Tault_admin>  
The problem with a discord as it will take traffic away from the forums.. and TU isnt really a discussion kind of site.
[17:06]  <Tault_admin>  
For others, there is very old information here that has not been sorted and old/outdated information removed yet.
[13:10]  <thesinerd>  
can i help
[00:53]  <pursuited357>  
@Admin: I agree that a Discord Server will likely take traffic away from the forum and deter submissions... So then I have to ask what is your game plan for this revival of TU? And if you are looking for help as you posted, how should someone reach you? I personally have left multiple PMs and Posts and this Chat... So for those who would want to help out -- What do you suggest they do?
[11:16]  <thesinerd>  
i need help getting my old account active
[11:17]  <se7enthsin>  
[14:35]  <se7enthsin>  
http://www.tucex.com/ needs to be removed as its not longer a active site.. thanks
[05:02]  <seadon>  
[22:27]  <andrew0572>  
[18:07]  <shanelp>  
do any of the ffxi bots still work?
• Use sound?
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Guild Wars 2 Cheats

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FREE MMOViper Guild Wars 2 Bot With Premium

The MMOViper leveling bot for Guild Wars 2 has been released. Its farms, loots, quests, and a ton more. Also they released the worlds first true Radar hack to show mobs and more. Remember a MMOViper subscription is free with all premium accounts.

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Guild Wars 2 Discussions

Subforum: Guild Wars 2 Premium Discussions
Guild Wars 2 Beta talk, news, discussions, potential exploits, gaming bugs, and more. Basically anything about guild wars 2 you can talk about here.
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Re: Daylight
by: Tault_admin
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Guild Wars 2 Buy Sell Trade

Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold, Trade for guild wars 2 item, sell your guild wars 2 loot, or advertise your new gw2 selling site. This is the place for it. All members are limited to one new topic every 72 hours or face a ban / warning.
posts: 392
topics: 46
Selling GW2 Gold EU/US | …
by: alternativeitem
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Guild Wars 2 Guides

Subforum: GW2 Premium Guides
Post all Guild Wars 2 Guides including: GW2 Leveling Guides, GW2 Gold Guides, Guild Wars 2 Quest Guides here. Be sure to "like" posts and post "nerfed" to anything not working / never did so we can move it to the Guild Wars 2 Nerfed forum.
posts: 323
topics: 79
mob farm?
by: boodah
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Guild Wars 2 Exploits

Subforum: Guild Wars 2 Premium Cheats
GW2 Exploits confirmed to be working. Here you can find all the latest Guild Wars 2 Exploits and Cheats out there. If something is here and not working be sure to tell us, also be sure to rep posts.
posts: 376
topics: 64
Re: Is it possible to buy…
by: sadrien_nightshade
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Guild Wars 2 Bots

GW 2 Bots and Guild Wars 2 Bots are posted here. Find Leveling bots, GW2 Gold farming bots, simple skill trade bots, and more. Be sure to post nerfed for non working items, and rep Guild Wars 2 Bots you enjoy.
posts: 145
topics: 27
GWAR-Bot - Guild Wars 2 B…
by: kefkabot
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Guild Wars 2 Hacks

Guild Wars 2 Hacks including: GW2 Leveling Hacks, GW2 Speed Hacks, Guild Wars 2 Radar Hacks. All things in here are confirmed to be working, if not post nerfed, and also rep hacks you enjoy.
posts: 569
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Re: [Release] - uNf Train…
by: sadrien_nightshade
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Guild Wars 2 Nerfed Info

All nerfed gw2 information.
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Re: GW2 Midnight Multihac…
by: Tault_admin
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Guild Wars 2

No unread posts TU Premium Package - MMOViper Membership, Premium Cheats, Exclusive Hacks, and More - Click Here
by Tault_admin
There are no new unread posts for this topic. PREMIUM MEMBER REVIEWS - WHY WE ARE THE BEST
By Tault_admin [ Go to pageGo to page: 1 ... 7, 8, 9 ]
Replies: 133
views: 330952

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Guild Wars 2 at Taultunleashed

Guild Wars 2 Cheats | GW2 Cheats | Guild Wars 2 Exploits, Bots, Hacks, Free Leveling Guides! Guild Wars 2 is the next in the guild wars series. It has a brand new game engine and a total character and pvp system change. Look here for all the latest things such as Guild Wars 2 Bots to level overnights, Guild Wars 2 Hacks to view hidden players, and so much more.

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