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Guild Wars 2 Guides | GW2 Guides

Guild Wars 2 Guides GW2 GuidesFrom picking one of the major 5 races in the game. To finding rare items in the game. To completing quests in the game you are going to need to know how to do them. Some people might ask friends in the game for help. Other might read in depth to the quests they are given for help. Some even take the hardest route and learn by trial and hour spending hours figuring things out. For most players though they want guild wars 2 guides to help them in completing things in the game. For GW2 guides you can have them come in 3 main forms.

Guild Wars 2 Leveling Guides, Gold Guides, Questing Guides

Finally you have guild wars 2 questing guides. These are the guides that show players how to take down the major bosses. Starting at pretty much level one in the game you are going to be fighting some epic monsters. If you haven’t watched any videos of the game you should start doing so because these battles are big. From fighting the undead guardian of a tomb, to fighting a giant dragon that came out of the sea. You will need to know how to complete a quest. For these gw2 guides they will show you what items to have, what races should be there, and how many players you should have. Then they will start giving you a step by step guide of where each player should go. What skills each one should be using. and what to expect as the fight goes on. If you follow the steps correctly you should be able to take down any boss in the game easily.

Secondly is going to be a guild wars 2 leveling guide. This will show you the best quests to take from the start of your race. What areas you should travel to for the best xp per hour. Finally what mobs you should kill to help you level the fastest in the game. These leveling guides normally will have a check list that you can mark off for completing didn’t things in the game. From killing x mobs at area A. To completing all the quests for a certain sub section of the game world. Most players speed up their leveling time by at least 5 times as fast using leveling guides.

Finally you have guild wars 2 gold guides. These are the guides that show players the best ways to farm gold in the game. The way gold guides normally work for games such as guild wars 2 is first they are going to tell you what items you should have on your desired race. Because in guild wars 2 items determine your classes the items will be important. Then the guide will tell you what level you need for those items. SO many you need an axe leveled pretty high so you can do an amazing aoe attack on some weak minions. From there the guide is going to show you where to travel too and what to do from there. It might have you just farm mobs for items / gold that you can resell for a ton of money in the game. Or show you a list of quests to take so you can make the most money for your time. Either way these guild wars 2 guides will help you make a ton of money.

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