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Razer Releasing New Specialized MMORPG Gaming Keyboard

Razer has finally decided to enter the MMO market for keyboards with there brand new release. This is not your normal keyboard when you start looking at all its features. – You have 7 configurable modifier keys right below the space bar that can help with your key binds in the game. – You have 100 programminble easy keys that can be programed int he game. – One button profile switching with a … Read More »

Atlantica Online Carmilla Mercenary Trailer Revealed

Atlantica Online is sharing a ton of new things with us recently. The latest is in response to their 2 year anniversary of the game. This release is an awesome trailer faro carmilla the vampire countess. To view the trailer just head over to and find the atlantica online section. Or you can always just CLICK HERE for a direct link.

Atlantica Online Gives Away A Camaro

If you love playing atlantica online, and you didnt enter the play win drive competition then you will be pretty dissapointed. The grand prize winner by the name of gina bui just won a brand new camaro for winning the event. The event was a pretty easy one. All you needed to do was hit level 30 and use a master key. Here is the contest for players interested in what it was. … Read More »

Atlantica Online Second Anniversary Celebration

Atlantica online is going to be celebrating their second anniversary soon. To start off this event there will be a double xp week going on. As well they will be giving away Gcoins to players via their facebook page. Overall there has been over 10 million hours of game time players from players, one million plus matches between players, and over 7 million mercenaries have joined in the games large scale battle. MMORPG.COM … Read More »

Atlantica Online New Sheriff, Pardner

A new sheriff has shown up in atalntica online. The sheriff christine has shown up and she has a new revolver rush to take out all the bad guys. Also a powerful effect spell that can kill a ton of mobs. She also has arrest that can freeze mobs for two rounds. Read more in the link below. MMORPG.COM News

Atlantica Online: Latest Content Update Launched

Atlantica Online devs have launched the latest content update to the game which features two new systems: Housing and the Tactical Battle System. Also introduced in the update is the continent of Africa. Players will have the chance to take on the Trojan Army and relive the epic story of the Trojan War. Every warrior needs a home and the update brings player housing into the mix. Kick back and relax, craft items or … Read More »

Atlantica Online: Troy Update: Tactical Battle System & MyHome Preview Community Manager Michael Bitton had the opportunity for a tour of the latest update to Atlantica Online. Called “Troy”, the update brings the continent of Africa into the game. It is set to go live on all servers later this week and features a new tactical battle system and player housing. Read all of Michael’s thoughts about Troy. MMORPG.COM News

Atlantica Online: Solving the Double Monk Issue Atlantica Online Correspondent Andrew Corpuz writes this look at the issue surrounding the double Monk issue in Atlantica Online and gives some possible solutions. MMORPG.COM News

Atlantica Online Section Updated

Today the atlantica online section has a brand new layout. A new gaming news area has been added for it as well. So now not only does the main page give players a much easier layout for navigation from the main atlantica online page, they can now check out the news much more easily. Be sure to check it out and enjoy.

Atlantica Online: nDoors Offering Direct2Drive Incentives

nDoors Interactive has partnered with to bring players a boatload of incentives to start playing Atlantica Online. Folks purchasing the Atlantica Online Beginner Booster Pack from Direct2Drive will receive lots of terrific in-game stuff to take the ‘bite’ out of the .95 purchase price. MMORPG.COM News

Atlantica Online: Free Level Up Gift Pack! has been given 1000 special keys for Atlantica Online that will give you TWO great items: A Heavenly Horse temporary mount and a Blessing Licence to boost your XP gain! The quantitiy of prizes are limited as well as valuable – so get your key while our supplies last! MMORPG.COM News

Atlantica Online: “Troy” Update Adds Tactical Battle System; New Video

Ndoors Interactive has announced that the long-awaited “Troy” update will be arriving to Atlantica Online this summer. Troy, as it’s name would imply, introduces the legendary city of Troy to the steampunk alternate-Earth universe of Atlantica Online, and brings with it a new Tactical Battle System, as well as the “My Home” customization system, which allows players to customize their home bases with a variety of decorations. MMORPG.COM News

Atlantica Online: Mercenary Madness Contest Winner Announced

Earlier last month Ndoors Interactive announced a new “Mercenary Madnses” contest that solicited players for their best ideas for a brand new mercenary to be added to the game later this year. The winner would see their design come to life in the game world, as well as receive concept art of his creation signed by the developers who worked to bring it to life. Today, Ndoors Interactive has announced the winning design along … Read More »

Atlantica Online: April Fools Day 3% Bonus Announced

Players who log into Atlantica Online today for at least an hour will receive the title “The Fool,” as well as a 3% bonus to Attack Power and Defense. The title can only be obtained today, however, the 1 hour 3% bonus can be obtained between now and April 6th. The title will be displayable for 30 minutes each day until April 6th. MMORPG.COM News

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