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Guild Wars 2 Hints | GW2 Hints

With its brand new graphics engine, the ability to streamline a totally different layout based on your actions, and a pvp system where you compete against other servers. This looks to be one of the best games in a long time, and it may be the true destroyer of world of warcraft. Guild Wars 2 is one of the most anticipated games of the year. If you are looking forward to testing Guild Wars … Read More ┬╗

Guild Wars 2 Dupes | GW2 Dupes

When players guild wars 2 you might come across a time or two that money is a problem.┬ Maybe you spent all your gold trading for the best item in the game.┬ Or you just got tired of trying to a find a quest item so you purchased it forma┬ vendor instead.┬ No matter what you will find yourself at one point in the game wishing you had more money, items, experience, or … Read More ┬╗

Guild Wars 2 Beta Signups Live

For those who have been waiting for the game, you are now one step closer. Guild Wars 2 is the number 1 anticipated MMO this game (Diablo 3 is not an MMO). This sequel takes all the great things of Guild Wars 1 and bring it to the extreme with more. Here is an awesome video of the game and for those wanting a direct link for the beta here ya go. Direct … Read More ┬╗

Guild Wars 2 Guides | GW2 Guides

From picking one of the major 5 races in the game. To finding rare items in the game. To completing quests in the game you are going to need to know how to do them. Some people might ask friends in the game for help. Other might read in depth to the quests they are given for help. Some even take the hardest route and learn by trial and hour spending hours figuring things … Read More ┬╗

Guild Wars 2 Cheats

When it comes to obtaining gold in guild wars 2 it can be a chore. You spend hours doing quests, killing mobs, and working on your dailies only to see you aren’t even close to getting all the gold you need. You see all your friends pass you by in the game because they have tons of in game gold and then they leave you to start enjoying the higher end game content that … Read More ┬╗

Guild Wars 2 Hacks

Even the most traveled adventure can get bored of the grinding in guild wars 2. Or maybe its becoming a hassle to get some extra in game coin that you so desperately need in the game. Many players tend to quit mmos because they find the grind for xp and gold in a game just too daunting. You can spend hours in a game and come up with nothing that will help you advance … Read More ┬╗

Guild Wars 2 Exploits

When it comes to playing guild wars 2 you are going to need 3 main things in the game. The first is going to of course be a higher level. Reaching the next level in guild wars 2 is what the fun is all about. You can enjoy the fight with your friends, work to take down large scale bosses, and ultimately become a stronger player by just working with your team mates. Secondly … Read More ┬╗

Guild Wars 2 Bots | GW2 Bots

If you have ever played guild wars 2 then you know it can be a grind at times. While its by far the most enjoyable grind so far it still can take its toll on players later in the game. This is because you will hit a certain wall that makes hitting the next few levels at end game or farming for more gold almost a necessity because if you don’t then you cant … Read More ┬╗

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