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Easy Ways To Join For Free : FAQ

Posted: February 12th, 2006, 11:29 am

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:!: Here Are The Many Ways To Join For FREE

:!: Submit information
  1. Look on the left for the game your information relates to
  2. Find its submit info / submissions forum.
  3. Post your information there.
  4. Then you need enough members to say yay to it depending on what it is
  5. If 3 say nay right away or a mod feels so the topic will be locked and not worth premium.
  6. How long your premium will be is dependent on what type of information it is.
  7. You will receive a private message about your premium from tault_admin.
  8. You can submit guides, macros, bots, walkthrough, exploits, tricks, cheats, and more. If its worth something you feel for the community then why not submit it. Just make sure we dont already have it. Read more about the rules of submissions in the FAQ.
:!: Gain TU Bucks
  1. TU Bucks are the easiest way to get a free premium.
  2. TU Bucks are not given for posts in the main general forums of the site.
  3. Gain 1000 TU bucks for a free premium account
  4. Points can be gained from helping others, posting, other tasks that mods / admins feel deserve points
  5. TU Bucks are a way of us giving back to the community.
  6. TU bucks are given 3 for each post.
  7. TU bucks can be cashed in for a variety of items including free memberships, gift certificates, and in game items.
  8. To check your TU bucks click on your profile and it should show them there.
  9. How are TU Bucks Granted For Posts
    1. Guides / Secrets - Guides will grant you 750 tu bucks if your premium and 3 months of premium if your not premium.
    2. Cheats / Exploits - Decent exploits are worth a quick 1,000 tu bucks for instant premium.
    3. Bots / Macros - They are always 1k to 3k in points depends on what it is. Simple bots will get you 1k more complicated ones will be upwards to 3k.
    4. Sharing works you find - If you find a nice piece of info on another site well share away and just make sure you put it was copy and pasted from another site and you get a quick 100 tu bucks.
:!: Contests
  1. We have random contests from time to time
  2. During these contest if you win you will be granted premium.

:!: Here is a recap for you

:!: Submitting Works Such As Guides, Exploits, Cheats, Dupes, Bots, Hacks, and More!
  1. You first go to the game you have work for by using the link on the left.
  2. Then go to that games submission forum. You can find it in the games main forum index page.
  3. Post your piece of information there.
  4. You may post works that are not yours but be sure to give credit.
  5. If you work is found to be guide you will be granted 3 months premium or 750 tu bucks if you are already premium.
  6. If you work is an exploits or bot you will be granted 6 months premium or 1,000 tu bucks.
  7. If you work is extra special you will be granted 2,500 tu bucks or lifetime.
  8. If you do a copy and paste and give credit you will get anywhere from 50 to 200 tu bucks depending on the quality.
  9. If you are found to be stealing works you will not get any tu bucks and if you have already been warned you may be banned.
  10. Images, Videos, Descriptive Titles, And In Depth Posts will help in your items being approved.
  11. Members will say yay or nay on posts. We are a community instead of a dictatorship.
  12. We ask the ALL members of the site to say yay or nay.
  13. Normally it takes 2 or 3 yays to move an item to.
  14. Trying to scam the system in any way will have your account banned right away.
:!: Helping Others On The Site And Getting TU Bucks
  1. With each post you do on the site you will gain 4 tu bucks.
  2. Once you have 1,000 tu bucks you can message me and premium will be granted for 6 months.
  3. If you are found to be spamming you will have TU Bucks removed.
  4. Helping others with links ect ect will get you extra tu bucks from the staff.
:!: Doing Site Contests That Come Up Mostly Every Month
  1. Randomly each month we will have a new contest posted.
  2. These contest will be as forum annoucements.
  3. If you complete the contest or win it you normally will get a premium membership granted.

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