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Star Wars The Old Republic Mods | SWTOR Mods

SWTOR ModsWhen playing a game such as star wars the old republic you are bound at times to get a little bored with the game. Well there is an easy way to spice up the game play all over again. This is done with star wars the old republic mods. Mods bring a brand new piece of life into the game. They allow you to have tons of new things to play around with and give a game such as SWTOR some extra life for the times you are bored in between levels.

Using SWTOR Mods you can help yourself in the game both visually and playing. Mods on the leveling side can help you with some basic things. These can be timers for when certain buffs of your will expire or when you’ll be able to cast new spells. They might be timers for doing different quests in the game. Or they might show you the best xp per hour you are getting from killing different monsters in the game.

Star Wars The Old Republic Mods on the visually side can do some different things. They can be model editors to give you different looks for your main character. Maybe you want to have all the SWTOR players with no clothes on well you can make a mod to do that as well. They can have tons of different visual changes in the game all based on what you want to view.

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