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Razer Releasing New Specialized MMORPG Gaming Keyboard

Razer has finally decided to enter the MMO market for keyboards with there brand new release. This is not your normal keyboard when you start looking at all its features. – You have 7 configurable modifier keys right below the space bar that can help with your key binds in the game. – You have 100 programminble easy keys that can be programed int he game. – One button profile switching with a … Read More »

PNY Launches StarCraft 2 Tournament

PNY famously known for their flash drives, HDMI cables, and ram are getting into the gaming tournament bussiness with starcraft 2 tournaments. They will be hosting a 2 week long event that starts november 8th. The contest will have 512 players all battling it out for a variety of prizes. They are doing the tournaments in a 1v1 format only to start. If you want to learn more be sure to check out their … Read More »

BlizzCon 2010 StarCraft 2 Custom Maps and Editor Panel Video

Here is a ton of great information from this years blizzcon in relation to starcraft 2. The first major part is talking about the editor and how they are upgrading it to make it all the better for players. Secondly they talk about all the great new maps coming out and they go into depth about the features they give you as a player. Finally players are allowed to ask the panel of developers … Read More »

Starcraft 2 Official Custom Maps At Blizzcon 2010

Blizzard just announced that starcraft 2 will be getting some big custom maps in the upcoming months for the world wide famous game. The first major one will let you do a cooking competition against other players. The next one is a take on left for die and you have to survive waves of zerg infestation. The third one is a combination of starcraft 2 meets bejeweled in how it plays. The final one … Read More »

StarCraft II Hack Developers To Be Sued

If you haven’t heard blizzard is planning on suing 3 main developers for starcraft 2 hacks. Taultunleashed does not have any staff that creates hacks but merely members submit things that they find on the web. This of course kept us out of the legality of this one (go us). On a different note we believe that there is a very good chance this will be dismissed on the grounds that blizzard needs proof … Read More »

StarCraft 2 Patch 1.1.2 released information

The latest starcraft 2 patch has just been released. This one major focus seems to be ont eh zerg as they are stil lthe weakest race out there. This patch gives them a ton more health for building, it finally nerfs void rays for mid game, and helps give a little more nerfing to those pesky terran rushes in the game. Here is the full list of all the updates to the game. Blizzard … Read More »

Blizzard Says No To Single Player Banning

Blizzard recently went on a tirade of how they feel there was a misunderstanding when it came to banning players for sc2 single player. The big problem was based on a response one player had about his banning stating that he was banned on manipulating his single player game because it allowed him to get achievements he wouldnt have normally been able to do. Well blizzard in a nutshell made a post stating that … Read More »

Blizzcon 2010 Ticket Giveaway From WoW Insider

WOW Insider is giving away tickets for this years blizzcon to basically every wow fan on the planet’s dream. Its pretty easy. All you need to do is going to the wow insider websit eand comment on the ticket giving away. They will then on wed oct 13th pick one luck winner to go. You must be a legal resident and 18 years of age. Also you are responsible for all traveling and … Read More »

SC2 Single Player Bannings Going On Now

Today the ban hammer has once again attacked players, but this time it wasnt even for cheating online. Players that used 3rd party cheats in order to gain an advantage for single player in starcraft 2 where banned as well. The players that asked why they where banned where told by blizzard this is because they alter the online part of the game by acquiring trophys and other things illegally. There is a big … Read More »

SC2 Heart of the Swarm Release Date June 2012

Many players including myself thought the newest sc2 expansions would be released about one year apart. Well thats not the cast at all. Blizzard today announced that the next release will be around 18 months from now. This is saddening news to players that want to see all the great updates coming out. This means that the game’s next expansion will be released about 2 years from the first release date of the game. … Read More »

StarCraft 2 v1.1 Gives Austrailian/New Zealand Players Access To US Servers

The starcraft 2 patch 1.1 just announced that this Wednesday they will give players from Australian the ability to play on the north American servers. Originally players from Austrian and new zealand where forced to play on the south east asian servers which didnt go to well due to the language barriers many players faced. Blizzard has decided to give players the ability to switch to the north american realm now. Read more in … Read More »

StarCraft 2 Update 1.1 Coming Sept 21st

Starcraft will be getting a big update this tuesday as they release version 1.1. The patch hasnt had all its major changes announced but we can be sure there will be balancing, anti cheat detection, and a fix of a slew of current bugs in the game that have not been taken care of.

Starcraft 2 Tweaks To Run The Game Faster

Starcraft 2 is a pretty big resource hog when it comes to playing the game. A Normal game might be fine but when you have tons of units on the screen your game can slow down so much its barely playable. Here are some major tweaks to help sc2 run faster you you. Its a in depth guide that shows you some major tweaks to help fix your game with some registry and some … Read More »

StarCraft 2 Helps Save The PC Industries Slow Sales

Sales for starcraft 2 have helped perked up the overall sales for the pc gaming market when they had a slump. Many people are curious why pc game sales have been dropping while console sales have been rising. A major factor is its far more profitable to make console games than pc games due to the amount of piracy involved. Anyone that loves pc games should actually buy games instead of pirating them to … Read More »

StarCraft 2 Re-Benchmarked

Starcraft has undergone some major changes to help make it more playable for lower end pcs. In doing so toms hardware has decided to do a major check on the new speeds for starcraft 2 and not just the old speed when running starcraft 2 beta client. They also tested the game on different hardware machines to help give you a better look at the game. They used the new catalyst 10.7 beta drivers … Read More »

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