Razer Releasing New Specialized MMORPG Gaming Keyboard
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Razer Releasing New Specialized MMORPG Gaming Keyboard

Razer has finally decided to enter the MMO market for keyboards with there brand new release.  This is not your normal keyboard when you start looking at all its features.

– You have 7 configurable modifier keys right below the space bar that can help with your key binds in the game.

– You have 100 programminble easy keys that can be programed int he game.

– One button profile switching with a total maximum of 20 different profiles selected.

– Five different gaming keys.

– The ability to add in multi colored lights in the keyboard.

– A optimized key matrix that will stop players from ghosting keys, which can happen when you accidently hit 2 keys at once.

– The ability to recognize up to 6 simultaneous keystrokes all at once in the game.

– Ability to disable keys via a gaming mode (never fear the windows key button ever again)

This awesome keyboard will be shipping this december for those interested.  On top of that it is compatible for both windows and mac computers.  Pro ordering will begin soon for it.  Check your local retailer for more information on releasing, pricing, and specs.

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