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Rift Battleground AFK Leveling Bot

Premium Members Please Click Here To Go Directly To This Item Take your battleground in rift online to the next level with our amazing rift online battleground bot. This bot can do it all when it comes to being in a battleground and getting all the all the rep you can handle in rift online. Features of the bot are as follows. – Working for all major Windows operating systems. If you computer can … Read More »

Rift Teleport Hack

Premium Members Please Click Here To Go Directly To This Item The rift teleport hack is very easy to set up. First of all it does come with a source code built into it. This is useful because all you need to do then is update the offsets for yourself if it ever breaks on you. The teleporation hack is pretty easy to set up as well. All you need to do is travel … Read More »

Rift Macros

Rift online macros are used by players both legit and non legit. Here is the difference between the 2 types of macro sin rift online. Rift legit macros would be things players use in the game. Rift has a system much like world of warcraft that allows you to make some simple macros in the game. Here is an example of usign a rift macro in the game. #show Mark of Inevitability cast … Read More »

Rift Bugs

There are going to be a total of 3 rift bugs in the game and we will go through each one of them and how they can positively or negatively affect your game playing. The first rift bug is going to be in terms of some sort of glitch in the game. This might be when you are playing and you see a mob that is missing some graphics on their body. Or maybe … Read More »

Rift Glitches

A glitch in rift online can be a few different things and we will go through what each one could be and where they could actually happen. The first type of glitch is going to be a simple graphical glitch in the game. So lets say you are running a rift in the game, then you look to your left and you see on the ground that it is blank. IE you can actually … Read More »

Rift Exploits

If you want to get the ultimate advantage over other players than you are going to need to play dirty. No matter what level you are in rift, or what type of player, the game is going to take a lot of time to master. You are going to want to have all the tools possible that you can gain the upper hand on other players, or gain the upper hand in completing a … Read More »

Rift Forums

So you are searching for the best rift forum when it comes to playing rift by trion. Well when it comes to rift forums we believe taultunleashed is the best out there and we will go into reasoning as to why now. First starters we have a community that is hundred of thousands members strong. Every day posting new and exciting stuff that relates to playing rift online. On top of that our community … Read More »

Rift Cheats

So if you are looking for a rift online cheat you will be looking for one of 2 things in the game. You are either looking for the more underground things which more players believe would be a rift exploit such as dupes. Or you are merely looking for legit ways to get an advantage in rift online which would be a rift secret. The majority of players who are after rift online cheats … Read More »

Rift Bots

If you are playing rift online then you might want to start using a rift in game leveling bot. Rift bots will help players have the ability to now level overnight with little to no work on their part. To start lets talk about how the majority of rift bots are being set up in the game. First someone needs to find all the offsets in rift online. These rift online offsets allow the … Read More »

Rift Hacks

When rift first came out it was one of the number 1 releases of any game. However rift has a very hard time getting players to enjoy themselves when it come sot later end game content. Well now with taultunleashed you have a way to dominate when it comes to rift online hacks. You might not like using hacks, but if you want to be the cream of the crop you are going to … Read More »

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