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Rift ForumsSo you are searching for the best rift forum when it comes to playing rift by trion. Well when it comes to rift forums we believe taultunleashed is the best out there and we will go into reasoning as to why now.

First starters we have a community that is hundred of thousands members strong. Every day posting new and exciting stuff that relates to playing rift online. On top of that our community specializes in a few special rift online features which are the following.

The first of course is we have a major rift cheating forum going on. Those are for all the rift dupes, exploits, and other things players come to love when it comes to cheating in rift. Now they have a private area where they can talk about them too.

The second is our rift hacking forum and botting forum. These will help you when it comes to learning about new ways to use speed hacks or maybe teleportation hacks for rift online. Or maybe you are just after a simple bot that will level you over night. You have the choices now.

The third has to be our rift leveling forums and rift questing forums. They will show you how to easily level your character with the best spots, how to dominate when it comes to pvp, and all the ins and outs of major secrets in the game.

Now maybe you cant find a specific bot you are after well you aren’t in trouble because we also have a request a guide section. All you do then is request specific things you are after in the game. So lets say you want a special rift guide on how to kill a certain boss in a rift. Well then just request it and our staff or members will find it for you and then you have that awesome feature as well.

Keep in mind this is only for our major rift online sections we have sections like these for every game out there.

So if you are after the best forums for rift online then click here for Rift Forums

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