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Star Trek Online Giving Player Generated Content Tools Out

Star Trek Online Giving Player Generated Content Tools Out Crptic studios is trying a brand new thing with star trek online in hopes of giving them a new edge on the mmo community and hopefully working out for them in the long run. The star trek online forums now have a new sections that is for hosting and the foundry area. The foundry is going to give you a ton of new content and … Read More »

Razer Releasing New Specialized MMORPG Gaming Keyboard

Razer has finally decided to enter the MMO market for keyboards with there brand new release. This is not your normal keyboard when you start looking at all its features. – You have 7 configurable modifier keys right below the space bar that can help with your key binds in the game. – You have 100 programminble easy keys that can be programed int he game. – One button profile switching with a … Read More »

Captain’s Log: Ask Cryptic raises questions about STO’s future

The newest captions log is out now. They give you a great new insight to new features and an in depth response to comments this is by executive producer daniel stahl. The big question is will sto even make it that long with all the players jumping ship and failed patches they have done in the past. Well heres hoping these updates make it in and the game is improved upon. Continue reading … Read More »

Star Trek Online Fixing The Top 3 Major Complaints

Filed under: Sci-fi, Previews, Star Trek Online Star trek online is trying to help save itself from closure by some peoples minds. The game still has a decent subscriber base and they are doing now weekly episodes to give players more to play with. The three major issues in the game where talked abou tin depth. – The microtransaction shop’s major ships they are working to be found in game as well so you … Read More »

Star Trek Online 10,000 Cryptic Points Contest

Cryptic is once again doing a podcast contest. Basically you will get to ask them some question. Just go to the contest thread and post at least 4 questions about the game. You have to post in the quantum online community for this to count. The main point if this contest is to help get more players posting on the sto forums we believe. The big thing is you are entered in a … Read More »

Star Trek Online Fan Outrage Over Lack of Fixes

Fans have been in uproar about cryptics lack of updating for the star trek game client. The game still has horrible ground combot. The space missions are far to repetitive, and the game engine overall is just junk currently. Many gamers felt that this was just temporary and if they sticked around for a good 6 months things would get better. Cryptic has been tellingpeople they would to. Well its 6 months later … Read More »

Captain’s Log: Say hello to my minigames

Filed under: Sci-fi, Patches, Opinion, Star Trek Online, Captain’s Log C’mon, no Whammies, no Whammies, STOP! Argh, I got a swirly thing and some squigglies. That means I, uh… won two bars of gold-pressed latinum? I wish the Dabo girl would stop flirting with that Klingon — I have no Bajorly clue what I’m doing. Hiya, readers! Pull up a barstool and get comfy. This week’s Captain’s Log, your Thursday fix of Star Trek … Read More »

One Shots: Lots of space on this ship

Filed under: Sci-fi, Screenshots, Star Trek Online, One Shots While One Shots is normally all about the stories that can be told in just one picture, every so often we like to mix it up a bit because a particular two-picture series will convey a story far better than only one image could. Such is the case with today’s Star Trek Online screenshot that’s come to us from Andrew (also known as Pojoh). Since … Read More »

Massively Exclusive: Jack Emmert speaks (about Neverwinter and a whole bunch of other stuff)

Filed under: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Interviews, New titles, News items, Star Trek Online, Champions Online Tweet var digg_url = ‘’; It seems everyone’s got an opinion about the new Neverwinter online RPG recently announced by Cryptic. Whether you’re a fan of the venerable Dungeons and Dragons franchise, a veteran of the classic single- and multi-player Neverwinter Nights titles, or just a fan of online games in general, you’ll want to check out Massively’s exclusive interview … Read More »

Captain’s Log: Starship interiors and hints of the future

Filed under: Sci-fi, Patches, Opinion, Star Trek Online, Captain’s Log, Guides Oh, hi there, readers! You’ll have to excuse me; I was just enjoying a little quiet time in my quarters. My starship quarters. Inside my starship. Because I have those now. Yes, among many other features, Season 2: Ancient Enemies introduced starship interiors to Star Trek Online. Continuing from last week’s discussion of diplomacy, one of Season 2’s other big additions, I thought … Read More »

Captain’s Log: Impressions of diplomacy in Star Trek Online

Filed under: Sci-fi, Patches, Opinion, Star Trek Online, Meet the Team, Captain’s Log, Guides Peace be with you, readers. Today, we convene once again for a new edition of Captain’s Log, in which we discuss, with mutual respect for all opinions, Star Trek Online. Begging your pardon if you disagree, but I thought it appropriate that we explore one of the game’s brand-new features: diplomacy. With the advent of Season 2: Ancient Enemies, Treksters … Read More »

Cryptic discusses user-generated content and future improvements for STO

Filed under: Sci-fi, Interviews, Patches, Star Trek Online As Star Trek Online concludes its shakedown cruise of the recent Season 2.0 update, players have turned their eyes to the future and pondered, “What’s next?” Coming to their aid is STO’s executive producer Dan Stahl, who fields a large number of questions about upcoming features and works in progress in the latest Ask Cryptic article. One of the inquiries covered was user-generated content, which Stahl … Read More »

One Shots: Two ships are better than one

Filed under: Sci-fi, Screenshots, Star Trek Online, One Shots When you’re facing danger, and reinforcements would take too long to reach you, what’s a good commander to do? Well, if you’re playing Star Trek Online, you could simply separate the saucer section of your ship and give yourself the ability to fight the enemy on two sides! Today we have a great shot showing a ship that has just separated — the U.S.S. Vesuvius … Read More »

Star Trek Online gives old players a chance to come back

Filed under: Sci-fi, Patches, News items, Star Trek Online, Promotions So you were playing Star Trek Online, but for whatever reason you stopped for a while. And all of the additions in Season 2 are certainly tempting, but you’re not sure if you quite want to subscribe for another month to see if they’re everything you ever wanted. If only there were some way to get a short jaunt back so you could decide … Read More »

Captain’s Log: Pros and cons of Season 2

Filed under: Sci-fi, Patches, Opinion, Star Trek Online, Captain’s Log Hail and well met, fellow travelers! Welcome to another edition of Captain’s Log, your weekly helping of Star Trek Online infopiniontainment. The past few weeks have been a little crazy around here, between the C-Store kerfuffle and the game’s six-month anniversary. Oh, and did I mention Season 2 went live? Yep, the corking chaps at Cryptic Studios released STO’s latest super-patch on July 27, … Read More »

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