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[14:59]  <thanescom>  
pain a dollar and no access.
[11:57]  <jaygroot97>  
Do not give money, its bs. Cant access the forums I need/want
[08:39]  <moke10>  
lol same. Waste of a dollar. Not gonna pay premium without testing the goods.
[08:40]  <moke10>  
Signing up it didn't say you can't access the actual posts with a "free" account.
[08:40]  <moke10>  
At least not that I saw.
[06:12]  <wkfenrk>  
please give me DOF hack
[06:12]  <wkfenrk>  
[14:38]  <shrekzad>  
[14:38]  <shrekzad>  
is there anything for dragonwrath q items
[04:13]  <alura12>  
is there a esp hack for perfect world evolved client 1.5.7?
[18:12]  <jolley>  
does !@#$%^&* site premium have the shadowbane autoit loot macro?
[05:57]  <tony87pisa>  
any radar for daoc?^^
[14:18]  <liljohn>  
[14:18]  <liljohn>  
any buyer bot for ffxi?
[15:14]  <themedix>  
[07:35]  <bjornddd>  
[07:46]  <denisbarac>  
[02:04]  <holidaycomingsoon>  
I’m looking for a FFXI Farmbot. For CP gain. Can anyone link a easy to use one?
[11:50]  <shinzaraku>  
[12:47]  <igotamike>  
if you arent premium is there any point to this site?
[04:50]  <cheatwow>  
[04:50]  <cheatwow>  
[06:33]  <deochi>  
dungeons and dragon
[15:13]  <oneemre>  
[15:13]  <oneemre>  
Is there a cabal online eca bot?
• Use sound?
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Rift Cheats

There are no new unread posts for this topic.

Rift - Submissions

Want A Free Premium Membership? Submit here rift online guides, cheats, bots, or hacks.
posts: 87
topics: 20
Re: RIFT - Fishing Bot - …
by: yurikno
There are no new unread posts for this topic.

Rift - General Discussions

Talk about anything relating to - Rift Online by Trion Worlds. Such as news, in game help, suggestions, and more!
posts: 46
topics: 15
Rift Hooty Owl Code
by: Spitt
There are no new unread posts for this topic.

Rift - Premium Discussions

Discuss potential - Rift Online by Trion Worlds - Exploits / Cheats / Bots / Hacks Dupes and More. Also keep your posts from the public eye by posting here. (Premium Members Only)
posts: 134
topics: 36
Guide: Accessing the Dumm…
by: Spitt
There are no new unread posts for this topic.

Rift - Premium Bots Exploits Guides & Hacks

Rift online Premium bots, exploits, guides, & hacks. Only rift premium members can get access to this rift online exclusive information.
posts: 97
topics: 12
Re: Rift KFGuides Defiant…
by: cptncrnch
There are no new unread posts for this topic.

Rift- Guides / Secrets

Working - Rift Online by Trion Worlds - Guides / Secrets confirmed to be working. Note only mods may post here but you can reply to topics. (Premium Members Only)
posts: 67
topics: 26
Re: RIFT (Easy Plat Makin…
by: Tault_admin
There are no new unread posts for this topic.

Rift - Cheats And Exploits

Working - Rift Online by Trion Worlds - Exploits / Cheats confirmed to be working. Note only mods may post here but you can reply to topics. (Premium Members Only)
posts: 153
topics: 32
Re: Ultimate Farming Bug …
by: branflakes
There are no new unread posts for this topic.

Rift - Bots / Macros / Hacks

Working - Rift Online By Trion Worlds - Bots / Macros / Hacks confirmed to be working. Note only mods may post here but you can reply to topics. (Premium Members Only)
posts: 76
topics: 21
Re: Rift Private Server
by: danielily
There are no new unread posts for this topic.

Rift - Nerfed Info

This is for all those nerfed - Rift Online by Trion Worlds - guides, exploits, macros, ect ect. Be sure to check these out from time to time as updates always unlock a few. Also maybe you can find a way to make it work again. (Premium Members Only)
posts: 69
topics: 12
Re: Xeres Full Guide
by: flyingmedic
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No unread posts TU Premium Package - MMOViper Membership, Premium Cheats, Exclusive Hacks, and More - Click Here
by Tault_admin
There are no new unread posts for this topic. PREMIUM MEMBER REVIEWS - WHY WE ARE THE BEST
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Rift at Taultunleashed

Rift Leveling Bots
Why waste your time with the boring parts of rift when you can bot them instead.Just set your bot to level while you sleep and when you wake up you'll be a few levels higher. As always we are always adding new bots to the site.

Rift Online Gold Bots
Maybe you are behind in gold.Well just run our rift farming bot and you can have a ton of in game gold to purchase whatever you need. The bot is mainly just a pick what to loot, what mobs to fight, and let the bot run. Also add this to a great instant spawn mob spot and you have a ton of easy xp you'll make.

Rift Private Server Creation
Low on money or just want to have god mode in rift online?Well with a good private server thats possible for you know. We already have a few private servers listed in our hacks area, and they also come with a tutorial if you are looking to create your own personal private server.

Rift Questing Guides
Maybe you're having a hard time leveling in rift.Well we can help show you all the best places to quest in rift and the best ways to do it.

Rift Speed and Teleportation Hacks
There is no reason to travel at the games normal speed if you dont have to.We have hacks that allow players to teleport and move faster than normally allowed in rift online.

Your Place For Rift Leveling Guides
Never again will you need another paid guide or guide site.We not only have all the major guides out there, we will create whatever guide you request for rift online.

Rift Gold Guides
Its nice to be the king.We have tons of ways you can gain gold in rift online.From the quests that give the most gold, to mobs that are best to farm for easy in game gold.You know the gold guide and we have it.

Protect Or Use Rift Scams
With all mmos out there, rift is going to have a ton of players using different types of scams.Well be sure to keep your protected with knowing all the latest scams.Or if you are a little more evil you can use them to gain an advantage yourself.

Rift Leveling and PvP Cheats
Know all the ways players are leveling way faster than normal with out rift leveling cheats. Such as bugged mobs giving more experience than they should in the game.

Rift Gold Cheats
While rift dupes come very rarely, if they do then we will have them.We will have also other rift cheats to help you gain gold faster than you should.From doing quests with bugged mobs, to farming spots where the mobs respawn instantly.Have these and more when it comes to rift gold exploits.

Do I have to pay to join?
No you can join for FREE by just sharing information you know.

Latest Rift Cheats & Exploits
» Drake Faming Exploit At HK Chronicle
» Rift Exploit Getting Behind Invisible Walls
» Heal Quickly Without Drinking Out of Combat
» Quick Power Leveling
» Rift Exploits interrupt EVERY boss cast
» Rift Major CC Exploit for Unlimited Farming
» Bug Rift LFG System To Pick Dungeons (Remove Random)
» Queen Vallnara Exploit For Instant Easy Kill

Latest Rift Guides & Secrets
» RIFT (Easy Plat Making Guide) 500p AN HOUR
» Rift 1-300 Weaponsmithing Crafting Guide
» Mage Stat and Item Comparison
» Rare Mob maps
» Get On Top of Tents Rift Trick
» Rift Game World Map
» Rift 220+ Spellspun Per Hour Farming Spot
» Rift Trick For Merchant Of Death Title Quickly

Latest Rift Bots Hacks & Macros
» 1.5 Hotfix # 11.1 Offsets Released
» Rift New Anti AFK Bot
» Rift Zoom Hack and Map Showing
» Working Rift Flying Hack
» Rift New Private Server
» Rift Packet Finder + Potential Flying Hack
» Rift Offsets For Version, Movement, Agro WIth Example Codes
» Rift In Game Gathering Map

Latest Rift Cheats & Exploits
» RIFT - Fishing Bot - advanced MoeFish 1.2
» Infinite Respawn Mob
» Leveling Fast 6-10 in starting zone - Common Knowledge
» Important
» Stacking Consumables That Shouldnt Be Stackable Exploit
» 2 for 1 Artifact Grabs!
» Expert RD, First boss easy mode farming.
» how good

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