Rift Exploits
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Rift Exploits

Rift ExploitsIf you want to get the ultimate advantage over other players than you are going to need to play dirty. No matter what level you are in rift, or what type of player, the game is going to take a lot of time to master. You are going to want to have all the tools possible that you can gain the upper hand on other players, or gain the upper hand in completing a rift in the game. Well the best way to do this is going to be using Rift Exploits.

Rift exploit will allow you to take complete and total advantage of the poor job coders do at time when it comes to programming in the game. While they might not of intended you to be able to do something special in the game by finding a special exploit you can easily do that and gain a ton of in game advantages that you should not be able to do. This could include being invincible to other players or just being able to do a quest multiple times. Here are all the Rift Exploits at taultunleashed.

Now normally when you are playing rift you are going to be forced to group with other players, do rifts, and gain in game gold and plat to move on up. With a major cheat there may be a way to get a ton of xp from killing a mob in the game over and over again. Or a way for a high level to take you to a special dungeon where they can help you easily kill some mobs multiple times for easy xp. You have all the abilities at your hand. Now yes there is a risk associated with doing it and you can get banned, but most of the time the pros outweigh the cons. Imagine having over 10,000 plats from just doing a ton of in game exploits for an advantage. Well now you have those options and more with rift exploits.

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