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Razer Releasing New Specialized MMORPG Gaming Keyboard

Razer has finally decided to enter the MMO market for keyboards with there brand new release. This is not your normal keyboard when you start looking at all its features. – You have 7 configurable modifier keys right below the space bar that can help with your key binds in the game. – You have 100 programminble easy keys that can be programed int he game. – One button profile switching with a … Read More »

FFXIV Ask the Devs On Maps, Mobs, and Leveling

There is a great ask the devs going on for final fantasy xiv. This one mainly is going to talk about the user interface map and all the ins and outs associated with using it. Also you will learn a little bit about fighting a mob and what all those special icons mean when you are using one. Finally some more information will be released about leveling in the game. How its useful … Read More »

FF14 October 22 Patch Notes Revealed

The october 22nd patch notes have been revealed and a ton of things that have been needed since the game release are being added in there. The bigs ones are going to be the npcs will be easier to target in the game. A shut down bug has been fixed. Also a bug with enemies has been fixed in the game. Below is the full report of the major changes going on in the … Read More »

FF14 October 22nd Developers Questions and Answers

We all know ff14 has had one of the worst launches in recent mmo history from a major company. Well the developers are working hard on fixing a ton of bugs, but they took some time to ask major questions from the community about the state of the game and what can be down to fix it. The major questions asked are about party bonuses, guildleves and usage, and why certain quests for … Read More »

Final Fantasy 14 FFXIV Leveling Guides

Now with final fantasy XIV right around the corner players are going to want to know how to level their toons the best way possible. Well dont worry we have your leveling guides right here FF14 does things a tad different from most MMOs some people say you can compare the leveling system in final fantasy 14 to that of fable for the xbox360. When you play the game they have done away … Read More »

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