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Final Fantasy 14 FFXIV Leveling Guides

Final Fantasy XIV FF14 Leveling Guides

Now with final fantasy XIV right around the corner players are going to want to know how to level their toons the best way possible. Well dont worry we have your leveling guides right here
FF14 does things a tad different from most MMOs some people say you can compare the leveling system in final fantasy 14 to that of fable for the xbox360. When you play the game they have done away with experience points. No longer will you be forced to kill pointless mobs to level your character up with enough experience. This time around they have made a system that relies more on players actually using their own skills and doing quests to level up. So this system is more than likely going to be if you use a sword skill long enough it will level in abilities. Or if you use healing magic enough it will level. Its not sure if you will have multiple levels for a bunch of different stats or nothing at all.

For example if you are leveling your sword will your sword skill hit level 2? Or will it just naturally progress to a stronger limit. There is some sort of added leveling in the game just how they will do the final tweak for the release is not 100% known to players as it stands, but do not worry.

We here at taultunleashed will have the perfect ff14 leveling guides for you. First of all we will have all our guides show you how to level the most proficient ways in the game. From helping you decide what skills are best to start with, to when you should switch to another skill to help make your character more balanced overall. Because with ff14 leveling guides you are going to need to know what skills to take and when since you can easily switch between all the games many skills.

Also we will show you what quests to take and when to take them in the game. Since they did say questing will still have a large impact on the game you can be assured that if you dont pick the right one you will suffer in the long run. For example knowing what quests are a waste of your time to do and which ones will help you get the best items, and help you progress your character the fastest is going to be a big thing when the game is released.

Well be excited for when you join taultunleashed not only are you going to get ff14 leveling guides from our staff, but you will get leveling guides from over one million players.

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