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Starcraft 2 – SC2 Rushing Strategy Guide – Tricks

Whether you are a new player to Starcraft 2 or you have been playing for awhile you are going to want to know about all the different StarCraft 2 ways of rushing an opponent. Here we will give you a few of the major guides and tricks to helping you win asap. The first race is going to be the protoss. The protoss for awhile where way over balanced when it came to … Read More »

Final Fantasy 14 FFXIV Leveling Guides

Now with final fantasy XIV right around the corner players are going to want to know how to level their toons the best way possible. Well dont worry we have your leveling guides right here FF14 does things a tad different from most MMOs some people say you can compare the leveling system in final fantasy 14 to that of fable for the xbox360. When you play the game they have done away … Read More »

Aion Guides

Aion guides are going to be the first thing released when Aion comes out officially this late summer. The guides we will start having first of all are going to be ones to help new players learn the ropes of the game. They will mainly consist of things such as how to built the perfect character. What are the pros and cons of different items in the game. And how to level your … Read More »

Darkfall Online Guides – DFO Guides – Darkfall Guides

So going to start this blog out talking a little about Darkfall online and the new guides we are after if you want to join. Well first and foremost Darkfall online is a new game so making guides should be easy. Its a brand new world and hundreds of thousands of players and if all goes well millions of people will be playing this game. Darkfall online guides we want should be one … Read More »

Welcome to the official TU Blog

Hi everyone. We have created this blog to help others know about major things in the game. This blog will be for all games and its something fun for people to read from time to time. Due to people loving the want to spam things as it stands we will not be allowing comments as frankly it will just be to much stuff. We will have in here for example places for world of … Read More »

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