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Starcraft 2 Bots – SC2 Bot

When it comes to botting in starcraft 2 most people don’t even think that is going to be useful, but they are far from wrong. Botting in sc2 comes under mainly 2 different categories. The first type of major starcraft 2 bot is going to be one that does the entire game for you. The bot will start out and get you the perfect amount of drones, SVCs, or probes. Then it will … Read More »

Mortal Online Bots – Aim And Leveling Bots

Mortal Online Bots are going to be very similar to the ones that are currently being used in darkfall Online. Darkfall and Mortal use a special hit detection scheme that is unlike other games. For example a game like world of warcraft would just use a bot that when you swing in the game its either a hit or miss for the mob based on your stats. When it comes to Mortal Online … Read More »

World of Warcraft Bots | WOW Bots

This little tidbit of world of warcraft bots is going to tell you about all the different types of botting sites out there closed, hacks, or otherwise. MMOGLIDER (WOWGlider) – This botting company is actually closed now they decided to fight blizzard in a lawsuit instead of moving to another country and ultimately he payed the priced. Farmer John – They where served a cease and desist order by blizzard and closed their … Read More »

World of Warcraft Bots – The Full Story of WOWGlider

Well if you havent been online in the past few years then you dont know anythin about world of warcraft bots. However we are going to assume you do know a little bit about them and we are going to tell you all about the WOW bots currently out there and what has happened to them. The first major world of warcraft bot out there is the one by mmoglider formerly known as … Read More »

Aion Bots

Today we will inform you about the Aion botting scene. First of all there are already bots in Aion online. Bots are mainly being made in the korean and Chinese versions of the game but people have already converted some of them to work more closely with the US versions. For example we have in our Aion section a detailed guide showing members how they can easily setup the aion bot with the … Read More »

Welcome to the official TU Blog

Hi everyone. We have created this blog to help others know about major things in the game. This blog will be for all games and its something fun for people to read from time to time. Due to people loving the want to spam things as it stands we will not be allowing comments as frankly it will just be to much stuff. We will have in here for example places for world of … Read More »

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