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Mortal Online Bots – Aim And Leveling Bots

Mortal Online Bots

Mortal Online Bots are going to be very similar to the ones that are currently being used in darkfall Online. Darkfall and Mortal use a special hit detection scheme that is unlike other games. For example a game like world of warcraft would just use a bot that when you swing in the game its either a hit or miss for the mob based on your stats. When it comes to Mortal Online your going to be swinging but there is another factor to your attacks. Thats not only whether or not you hit based on your stats but when you swung and how close you where to the opponent and the direction of your swing. When all these are factored in its much more skilled in an attack.

When it comes to our Mortal Online bots we take in all those factors and include in there a special Aim Bot. With this Mortal Online leveling bot you also have an aim bot built into it. So when you for example shoot an arrow at another player in the game your going to have a bot that will automatically adjust for the distance and degree of your angel you need to shoot at. This will result in you getting the best attack possibly on your opponent.

Also with our Mortal Online leveling bots your not only getting an Mortal Online aim bot but your getting a full fledged bot in there. So now you wont be forced to sit at the computer and let the game do just all your aiming in the game. The bot will go out of its way to find other players / mobs in the game and attack them. Then if your low on health or want to pick up only certain items the Mortal Online bot will automatically heal or loot for you. This will make you not only very rich in Mortal Online , but one of the higher level players in the game.

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