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Aion Strategy | Aion Online Strategy | Aion Strategies

The more you player aion the higher the chances are you will want a good aion strategy guide to help you in the game. You will need them all the time when it comes to helping you level, completing a quest, or just help in general of making your character the strongest you can get them in a game. Here is an example of a great strategy guide for aion online. Here is how … Read More »

Aion Secrets | Aion Online Secrets | Free Aion Secret

Secrets in aion are the things that few players know about, but are not actually against the games rules. One of the biggest aion secrets used are ways to complete quests in the game. So maybe there is a special way to kill a boss via getting around his minions. Or a great way to get to him via a shortcut in a dungeon. These secrets will help you complete quests. The next major … Read More »

Aion Programs | Aion Online Programs | Aion Program

Programs in aion are much like mods but actually interact with the game. The first one might be showing all the levels and names of every players in the game. This even includes showing the level of the opposing teams in the game. This can give you a giant advantage over other players. Another thing that programs include are offsets. These are used by bot creators and hack creators to make things. Most people … Read More »

Aion Mods | Aion Online Mods

A mod in aion will give you one of 2 different things. The first type of mod is a styling mod. These mods allow you to change the appearance of your character. So maybe you have an aion nude mod. With this mod all character will appear nude to you in the game. Or you can have the mod let you look like an end game boss. These mods are purely visual and wont … Read More »

Aion Macros | Aion Online Macros

If you ever get bored of hitting certain buttons in the game then you can use an aion macro. With aion macros you can get around all that boring repetition. All you do is setup a simple macro command. So maybe if you want to do all your pre buffs with a certain key stroke you can do that now. Or if you want to vuln and then attack a mob you can do … Read More »

Aion Leveling | Aion Online Leveling

aion leveling encompasses a few things in the game. The first is going to be an aion leveling bot. These leveling bots are easy to set up. All you do is select a few way points in the game for the bot to travel too. Then you select mobs you want to hunt. Finally just pick the type of class you are playing and set up all the different skills and abilities you want … Read More »

Aion Hacks | Aion Online Hacks

Lets go over some of the best aion online hacks out there. The first major hack is going to be the world famous mmoviper aion radar hack. With this amazing hack it will first of all allow you to see all players in the game. This includes pvps and allies. The range on it many times more than what a normal in game radar would give you. Even better you can see even cloaked … Read More »

Aion Guides | Aion Online Guides

If you are playing aion then you are going to need guides. You mainly will want one of 3 guides for aion. The first one is going to be an aion online leveling guide. These guides will give you step by step directions on how to level the quickest way in the game. They will first tell you where to travel too using coordinates in the game. Then you will be told what people … Read More »

Aion Exploits | Aion Online Exploits

Here is a aion online exploit in our nerfed area. While this exploit is not currently working is is a great indicator of what you can get with your premium membership. First of all you need to play as one of the 3 following classes. A ranger, a assassin, or a Templar. If you are any of those you can do this free aion exploit with little to no work on your part. Now … Read More »

Aion Dupes | Aion Online Dupes

Here is an example of all the aion online dupes we have in our gaming section. While this may or may not be working right now you can be assured we have tons of different working types of information in our confirmed sections. First of all you need to take your character to the eylos side of the starting point in the game. When you get there then you need to find mirnes and … Read More »

Aion Bots | Aion Online Bots

Here is an in depth preview of aion online bots going on in the game world. This will talk about all the different types of aion bots, what you can do with each type, and the best bots out there for your gaming enjoyment The first major aion bot is going to be the one over at It will allow you to easily farm while you are sleeping in the game. The bot … Read More »

Razer Releasing New Specialized MMORPG Gaming Keyboard

Razer has finally decided to enter the MMO market for keyboards with there brand new release. This is not your normal keyboard when you start looking at all its features. – You have 7 configurable modifier keys right below the space bar that can help with your key binds in the game. – You have 100 programminble easy keys that can be programed int he game. – One button profile switching with a … Read More »

Play Aion Online On Your Iphone or Ipad

If you are a hardcore aion player and want to play it while on the go then the aion exchange app is for you. This app is only 99 cents in the US and it allows you to do a bunch of things. – View your character stats in the game. – Track items you are selling and have sold. – Check your current item prices. – Check prices for items that you … Read More »

PvP in Aion 2.0 – the Good, the Meh, and the Ugly

PvP in Aion 2.0 – the Good, the Meh, and the Ugly As people have been exploring the pets, the new instances, and the new zones in the Aion 2.0 expansion on the PTS, many have also asked, “Where’s the PvP?”. Given that Aion is a two-faction PvP-oriented game, it’s a fair question. There are some really good PvP possibilities with 2.0 headed up by Silentera Canyon, but there are also some very … Read More »

Aion 2.0 – Ingisson Tour

Greetings all~ In just a few days, on September 7th you’ll be able to invade the Balaur homeland, explore multiple new zones and instances with your own pet companion, and experience the brand new ground Abyss on the live servers! While we wait, I thought it might be funzies to summarise a few circulating snippets of the Ingisson region. Aion 2.0: Ingisson Zone Tour Inggison is the new Elyos occupied region within the Balaur … Read More »

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