Aion Leveling | Aion Online Leveling
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Aion Leveling | Aion Online Leveling

aion leveling encompasses a few things in the game.

The first is going to be an aion leveling bot. These leveling bots are easy to set up. All you do is select a few way points in the game for the bot to travel too. Then you select mobs you want to hunt. Finally just pick the type of class you are playing and set up all the different skills and abilities you want to use.

The second is a aion leveling guide. These guides show you step by step ways how to level in the game. The guides show you where to go and what quests to take. You just follow the guides simple instructions and you can easily level in the game.

Finally you have aion leveling cheats using these you gain an unfair advantage. Basically it would show you mobs you can kill in certain areas that give extra experience or mobs that might be on an instant respawn so you can farm them all day for a ton of easy in game xp.

For premium aion leveling guides be sure to check out the forums.

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