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Aion Guides | Aion Online Guides

If you are playing aion then you are going to need guides. You mainly will want one of 3 guides for aion. The first one is going to be an aion online leveling guide.

These guides will give you step by step directions on how to level the quickest way in the game. They will first tell you where to travel too using coordinates in the game. Then you will be told what people to talk to for different quests. From there it will show you how to do the quest and what to do for the quest. This will include pictures and a build in check list to help you know what you are doing correctly and incorrectly for this leveling. Our leveling guides are normally built off of the best leveling guides out there. So you never have to purchase another leveling guide since we have all that information and more in our confirmed aion guides section.

The next is going to be an aion online farming guide. These guides will show you how to make the most money in the game. They will tell you where to go for different mobs to hunt. What items you should horde and trade with players. What quests will give you the most kinah in the game. Also you will once again get step by step directions showing you pictures, cordinates, and other aspects for farming the quickest ways possible.

The final way is going to be aion questing guides. These guides will show you how to beat the harder instances in the game. So maybe you are stuck on a certain quest. With our guides you can just look up where to stand, what groups you should have, and what to expect in different situations for that specific instance. It makes actually questing so much easier since you can now know exactly what to do..

For more aion guides be sure to check out the forums.

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