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Aion Exploits | Aion Online Exploits

Here is a aion online exploit in our nerfed area. While this exploit is not currently working is is a great indicator of what you can get with your premium membership.

First of all you need to play as one of the 3 following classes. A ranger, a assassin, or a Templar. If you are any of those you can do this free aion exploit with little to no work on your part. Now you need to be around level 23 if you are the ranger or assassin. If you the Templar you will need to be at least level 37. Also you cant be level 43 or higher as this bug wont work for you.

So now what you need to do is form a group for the solfur fortress instance. Go into the instance and just run past everything and hit the very center and die right on the chest in the room.

Now wait for all the mobs to reset in the area. It shouldn’t take to long they tend to reset pretty quickly. Use your self reviving res stone on yourself. Its about 500ap from an abyss consumable vendor. Use your classes bugged skills to quickly kill the box.

Now bugged skills are going to be any skill that has a random damage added to them. So if you are playing as the ranger it will be your stunning shot. If you are playing as the Templar it will be your diving slash and shinning slash. Ect ect. Remember also the higher the level you are then that means you will be doing more damage. Pretty much every other attack you do will do only 1 damage point so you have to use these bug skills for this to work for you.

For more aion exploits be sure to check out the forums.

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