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Aion Dupes | Aion Online Dupes

Here is an example of all the aion online dupes we have in our gaming section. While this may or may not be working right now you can be assured we have tons of different working types of information in our confirmed sections.

First of all you need to take your character to the eylos side of the starting point in the game. When you get there then you need to find mirnes and talk to him. Get from him a quest called the grain thieves quest. As soon as you get that quest then go to where you can find the grain sacks in the game. When you get there start opening the sacks to get the gold.

Now here is the best part of this free aion dupe. When you get your gold out of the sack don’t go and complete the quest by talking to mirnes. Instead just stay there and continually farm the sacks. Each sack will give you about 200 gold. You can do this forever as well. So basically you can create a small macro and just start farming these sacks to get tons of in game gold.

What makes this aion dupe even better is you can actually leave the area and do other quests then come back there later and continue farming the sacks. What i did was complete some quests then at night just used a simple macro tool to farm the sacks over and over again while i slept. Its pretty nice waking up to a ton of gold in your account.

The big thing you need to be careful of is when you farm these sacks make sure you aren’t doing it while other players are around. GMs have a tendency to ban people for using this exploit. If you want more information that is confirmed to be working then join taultunleashed today.

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