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Aion Cheats | Aion Online Cheats

Aion cheats are something all players will need. Here is an example of some major ones from the past.

Here is a major water cheat that was used in the game. This aion online under water cheat allowed you to not take any damage while you are in the water. The premise of using it involved something similar to what people called the lava jumping method in world of warcraft. Basically you let your character hit the ground. Then right when you hit it you jump. If you do it correctly you wont be taking any damage by going in the water.

Another free aion cheat would be the one that allows you to get around wait times in the game. Sometimes after a major patch or something else the game will have wait times for using things. Here is an easy method so you can get around that. First of all when you are done playing the game do not log out of the game. Instead go find a shop. Then take our a simple macro program autoit, macroexpress, or something else. Set it to make you jump up and down every 15 seconds. This will keep you in the game forever. You now wont need to wait in the server queue for joining the game. Remember to do this in a place where mobs arent around or a bunch of players. If you are found by a GM or another player there is a chance you will be banned for doing this.

Whether its kinah, leveling, questing, or pvp cheats we will have all these and more in our aion cheats section. Be sure to check out all the different perks we have in the forums and start enjoying your taultunleashed membership..

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