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Aion Bots | Aion Online Bots

Here is an in depth preview of aion online bots going on in the game world. This will talk about all the different types of aion bots, what you can do with each type, and the best bots out there for your gaming enjoyment

The first major aion bot is going to be the one over at It will allow you to easily farm while you are sleeping in the game. The bot is easily customizable in the game and works for every computer that can run aion online. You need to note that this bot has never been caught nor has anyone been banned from this bot being detected in the game. While yes people have been banned its from them doing it in open areas or not paying attention to things going on around them. It is by far the best bot out there

The next bot out there would have to be a great craft bot. Most aion crafting bots are mainly set up for harvesting different nodes. You first of all start up the game, then start the bot, then you go into node settings to determine what nods you are after. You set up some waypoints for where to check nodes for harvesting. Then you just let the bot run. The bot then will start ha vesting different nodes for you in the game helping you harvest easily.

There are also free aion bots out there. However with multiple free bots there are 2 major things you need to worry about. The first one being they may have a password stealer in there. So while you are running the bot it will actually steal your account information and in turn get your account stolen and all your loot taken in the game. You dont even have a recourse because if you complain they will just ban your account for letting someone else use it. The other major flaw is you may get banned from these bots. Lots of bots do easy methods to inject in the game. This means that they dont actually take the time to code a proper bot, but instead take short cuts injecting. This can lead to people becoming easily banned in the game for using a bot.

Finally we have aion online battleground bots. These bots allow you to join a BG then start doing things that you would normally do. Keep in mind these bots at times are hard to use because most of the time players will message you in the game and if you dont reply they will report you for being a bot. You can at times get away with it but it not advised to use a battleground bot.

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