Play Aion Online On Your Iphone or Ipad
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Play Aion Online On Your Iphone or Ipad

If you are a hardcore aion player and want to play it while on the go then the aion exchange app is for you. This app is only 99 cents in the US and it allows you to do a bunch of things.
– View your character stats in the game.
– Track items you are selling and have sold.
– Check your current item prices.
– Check prices for items that you want to purchase.
– Put items in your wish list to purchase later while you are in the game.
This should be pretty awesome for those that want to play aion all the time.  I wish though it would allow you to actually purchase items you are after.  Also they should include a mini game in the app that you can play to earn kinah or xp for your toon.  Why not give people a reason to use this app all the time :).
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