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Aion 2.0 – Ingisson Tour

Greetings all~

In just a few days, on September 7th you’ll be able to invade the Balaur homeland, explore multiple new zones and instances with your own pet companion, and experience the brand new ground Abyss on the live servers! While we wait, I thought it might be funzies to summarise a few circulating snippets of the Ingisson region.

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Aion 2.0: Ingisson Zone Tour

Inggison is the new Elyos occupied region within the Balaur homeland of Balaurea. Hidden for so long, it has retained an appearance reminiscent of the Atreian mainland before the Cataclysm struck. However, the Drana in this land has also left its mark, resulting in many areas where the laws of nature are not obeyed.

As with Gelkmaros, the equivalent Asmodian region, Ingisson is also governed by the Dragon Lord Tiamat. The land is said to be both beautiful and deadly to behold so take care Daevas, looks can be deceiving. Be sure to be on your guard at all times in this seemingly tranquil oasis.

Getting Started In Ingisson:

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When you reach level 50 you will automatically receive a quest in your log called Lavirinto’s Call. Completing this quest will allow you to obtain the follow up quest called Bound for Ingisson!

Once you’re in Ingisson, after reaching level 51, your first order of business will likely be to get your paws on all the new Skills and Stigmas that are now available. Be sure to check out Aion Armory to work out what you’ll be shopping for ahead of time.

Skill Manuals and Greater Stigmas are available for Daevas level 51 and above in the Cloister of Kaisinel, which you can reach by using the gold teleport statue on the left as you enter Sanctum. Remember though, you can’t unlock your next Greater Stigma Slot until you reach level 52 and complete the quest called Taloc’s Heart Full of Soul.

The second order of business when you arrive in Ingisson will no doubt be asserting control over The Temple of Scales and The Altar of Avarice as fast as you can, else those pesky Asmodians will claim the prize for themselves sooner than you can say “Dude, where’s my pet?”

Where to next?

The good folks over at Aion Powerwiki recently teamed up with PC Gamer to put together some very thorough guides of what to expect from the Ingisson and Gelkmaros regions for newcomers. This initiative has brought us Ingisson levelling guides for level 51 to 52 followed by level 53 to 55.

In summary, the below map gives you a good indication of how your travels will progress:

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Eastern & Western Distorted Forest
– Level 51 normal monsters
– Solo play is recommended

Phnoe Valley

– Level 51~52 normal monsters
– Solo play is recommended

Caspa’s Forest
– Level 52 normal monsters
– Solo play is recommended

Shulack Cliff Village
– Level 51~52 elite monsters
– Group play is recommended

Corrupt Underground Fortress
– Level 53~54 elite monsters
– Group play is recommended

Summary To-do List For level 51~52: ( Read More )

  • Mess around with the cool new Geysers, Updrafts and Windstreams.
  • Don’t miss the new daily quests from the Alabaster Order, most rewards are now permanent!
  • Level up fast in Taloc’s Holow, the new solo level 51 instance.
  • Test your metal in the new level 51~55 Chantra Dredgion.
  • At level 52, be sure to speak to Reemul to unlock your new Greater Stigma slot.
  • Earn yourself piles of AP doing the Udas Temple instance with your buddies.

Summary To-do List For level 53~55: ( Read More )

  • Unlock your last stigma slot by doing the repeatable quests in Beshmundir Temple.
  • Get yourself some crazy new Fabled Armor and Items.
  • Get yourself an edge with an extendable fabled weapon!
  • Seek out fat loot in Beshmudir Temple once you reach level 55.
  • Collect Decrees of Valor to get new shexy Fabled items.
  • Now that you’re level 55, go back and easy mode farm Taloc’s Hollow solo instance (mwuhaha!)
  • If you have the guts, defeat Named Monsters within the Abyssal Splinter.
  • The Chantra Dredgion never stops, so keep it comin!
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Well there you have it folks, Ingisson in a nutshell. If you’re anything like me and you can’t wait, be sure to get yourself over to the PTS server to take a sneak peek, although you need to reach level 50 in order to see a decent amount of Balaurea…but hey, the 7th isn’t too far away now!

Enjoy! :kiss:

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