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Aion Strategy | Aion Online Strategy | Aion Strategies

The more you player aion the higher the chances are you will want a good aion strategy guide to help you in the game. You will need them all the time when it comes to helping you level, completing a quest, or just help in general of making your character the strongest you can get them in a game. Here is an example of a great strategy guide for aion online.

Here is how you can actually talk to other players with this nice little strategy guide. All you need to do is create an awesome filter by using the following code. Most of the time games make text from the opposite faction / races coded. All you need to do is take the following table and type for the opposite faction or use the table to read what the opposite faction is saying. This is extremely helpful because knowing what other players are saying will give you a giant advantage when it comes to fighting them in battle. Or if you have a friend that plays on the opposite faction you two can team up to help you gain an advantage for pking or farming together.

Letter: a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

Type (for Elyos): i h k j m l o n q p s r u t w v y x a z c b e d g f

Or: O N Q P S R U T W V Y X A Z C B E D G F I H K J M L

Type (for Asmos): j k h i n o l m r s p q v w t u z b c a f g d e

x y

Or: L M R S P Q V W T U Z B C A F G D E J K H I N O


So lets say you are asmodian and you want to say hi elyos to an elyos player.

‘m r n q d t b.’

In this particular case, since the letter ‘s’ has 2 possible ways to write it going from Asmodian to Elyos,

‘m r n q d t x’

Now anyone who is elyos would see the following being said to them.

H i e l y o s

For premium aion strategy be sure to check out the forums.

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