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World of Warcraft Exploits | WoW Exploits

World of Warcraft Exploits

So your not going to find much difference from world of warcraft cheats and world of warcraft exploits. WOW exploits are just like wow cheats in the regards that you can get banned using a wow cheat or exploit. However some players might think of wow cheats as secrets in the game that if found you cant get banned for exploiting. However with wow exploits you will be banned no matter what using them.

Some major wow exploits of the past have been ways players have manipulated the instances portals. When you bugged one using a party the game would constantly give you an unlimited resting xp. This xp would go on as long as your logged in and you in turn would max out your level in just a day. This exploit was quickly fixed but all of our members that used it originally did not have a ban or anything because blizzard couldn’t track it down to them in time.

Another major exploit in the past was a world of warcraft gold exploit that allowed you actually duplicate gold by using once again instance portals. When going in there then dying and going out and then trading an item using the instance you could duplicate all the money you had on you. Players quickly used this and some guilds made off with thousands of pieces of gold. Then those players bought items with the gold so when blizzard did a gold wipe it didnt take away all the awesome items they purchased using this cheat.

Those are just a few of our wow exploits we have in our sections. Keep in mind these 2 are not working, but we still have tons of different wow exploits that will make your gaming experience all the easier.

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