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World of Warcraft Bots | WOW Bots

World of Warcraft Bots

This little tidbit of world of warcraft bots is going to tell you about all the different types of botting sites out there closed, hacks, or otherwise.

MMOGLIDER (WOWGlider) – This botting company is actually closed now they decided to fight blizzard in a lawsuit instead of moving to another country and ultimately he payed the priced.

Farmer John – They where served a cease and desist order by blizzard and closed their doors down for good, only past members can use the bot.

RhaBot – This bot apparently used to be working but not it is not and there have been numerous complaints about it being a scam.

NoD-O Farming Bot – This is just the mmomimic bot that has no anti warden tech behind it so you will be banned shortly from it.

MMOMimic – This company is from China and had a great working bot but they have no protection so you will be banned VERY quickly from it.

Gnome Tools – This is a freeware bot that is working, but it has zero protection so once again you will be banned for using it.

Actools / Autoit Bots – We actually have a good amount of these on our site. Unlike the major bots out there they do not inject into the game and warden does not actively try to find these so you will not be banned for using them. While they might have as pretty of a user interface the protection you get from them makes them worth while.

e-bot-franced – This bot was released recently and is apparently working, however the source was leaked and the owners website has been down for a long time (it may be up now).

Innerspace – This bot is down now and was only working back in the day from wowgliders personal code.

Songwave – This company had an advanced bot a few years back but they stopped working on it when glider came around and the majority of people using it where banned so its not very useful anymore.

Anyways that’s the entire collection of WOW bots on the market feel free to send a post on the forums for our site if you know of any other ones and we can always add them to our list here.

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