Rift Glitches
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Rift Glitches

Rift GlitchesA glitch in rift online can be a few different things and we will go through what each one could be and where they could actually happen.

The first type of glitch is going to be a simple graphical glitch in the game.  So lets say you are running a rift in the game, then you look to your left and you see on the ground that it is blank.  IE you can actually see all the way through the games ground in rift online.  Whats even odder with a glitch like that is you can at times actually fall through those holes and you will continue falling in the game until it finally stops.  Its a very bad bug and will force players at times to call a gm for help.  Keep in mind this glitch rarely happens now.

The next type of glitch could be a object glitch in the game.  This might be something that you cant really see but you can climb on.  For example there are rocks in rift online you can jump on at different parts of the game.  While the game creators in no way meant for this to happen it is easily happening in the game and players have been able to reach places in the game they should not normally be able too.  Once again this glitch is nothing that big.

The biggest type of glitch in rift would easily have to be one that relates to players getting glitches for items.  So now you have a major glitch that will actually at times duplicate items.  These glitches could come from having a backpack to full and trading with a player which would duplicate the items being traded.  Or maybe glitching out an item that would normally disappear after use but it will stay in your inventory.  Some players have also found ways to duplicate items from these.  So they might sell a bunch of items to a npc and then glitch the system to give them a ton of items back without losing anything of their own.

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