Rift Bugs
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Rift Bugs

Rift BugsThere are going to be a total of 3 rift bugs in the game and we will go through each one of them and how they can positively or negatively affect your game playing.

The first rift bug is going to be in terms of some sort of glitch in the game.  This might be when you are playing and you see a mob that is missing some graphics on their body.  Or maybe you are in a dungeon and you can see through a wall in the game because it was not properly coded.  These types of rift bugs are very annoying and do nothing to severely hurt the game.

The second rift bug would be actually having something that negatively affecting the game.  This could be maybe a quest that is bugged so you cant actually turn in the reward item.  Or maybe you cant actually get the quest rewards.  These bugs are few but cant totally cripple the game for a player.  Imagine taking all the time to do a major rift and then finding out that the rift will never close and you cant get any xp or items from it.  It happens all the time in games and most players go a tad insane when it happens to them.

The third rift bug is the one all players love to happen.  It could be trading with someone and the games items duplicate so you have the items you just traded.  Or maybe you find a quest that you can keep getting the reward xp from in the game.  These are also known as dupes, cheats, exploits, or glitches in rift online.  However a bug is something that is coded improperly in the game and will allow you to have a giant advantage over other players.  Keep in mind though when using a rift bug to your advantage there is a high chance that you can get your account in trouble over this and at times you might receive an account suspension or a banning.

All in all rift bugs can help or hinder your game play extremely so be careful when you find one as you never can fully know the effect it will have on your account.

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