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Rift Macros

Rift MacrosRift online macros are used by players both legit and non legit.  Here is the difference between the 2 types of macro sin rift online.

Rift legit macros would be things players use in the game.  Rift has a system much like world of warcraft that allows you to make some simple macros in the game.   Here is an example of usign a rift macro in the game.

#show Mark of Inevitability
cast Bull Rush
cast Mark of Inevitability
cast Power Strike

Now this macro is going to cast bull rush for you.  Then it will use the special ability which is the mark of inevitability.  Finally it will do the attack power strike.  This is a great way to get up close to someone you are attacking and kill them pretty easily.  Keep in mind rift will not allow one press button and then cast multiple times.  You have to press your macro one time and the macro will just do one cast.  Macros are useful though because they help with your cool down timers being used correctly in the game.  Whats nice is when you use that same macro again it will skip the items on cool down and use them.  Keep in mind the rift official forums have a ton more macro examples in the game for you to read about.

Now here is the part many players are more curious in.  These are going to be actually in game macros that are not as approved.  They are going to almost in terms of bots but they will not because they are just simple macro presses.  The first type would something called autoit.  With autoit you can easily set up some in game button presses in the game.  Then what you can do is play rift in a windowed mode and set up a quick run button for the macro.  So unlike rifts built in system you can keep having your macro spam keys you want to use.  Now if you are after more complex macros you are pretty much looking for a bot in the game.  When it comes to bots you want to check out sites like taultunleashed in the premium areas as they would have all the major bots a player could possibly want to use.

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