Rift Teleport Hack
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Rift Teleport Hack

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Rift Teleport HackThe rift teleport hack is very easy to set up.  First of all it does come with a source code built into it.  This is useful because all you need to do then is update the offsets for yourself if it ever breaks on you.  The teleporation hack is pretty easy to set up as well.  All you need to do is travel to a place you like in the game.  Then you hit a button on it to teleporat back to the location you where at.

While you could use this hack to actually teleport anywhere in the game it has such a high risk of the rift devs finding you and banning you that it only allows you to teleport to places you have been before.  Dont worry it does come with an easy to use speed hack so you can reach places quickly and easily in the game.  Also you can use this in conjunction with our many flying hacks to reach places as well.

Once you have reached that place you hit a combination on your keypad to have it record the location you have visited in the game.   Then you just hit the same configuration to warp instantly to that location in the game.  Its a relatively easy way to move about the game with little to no work on your part, but its also great for people who want to speed up the time it takes to either farm, or level at certain game locations.

NOTE – The picture shown is not of the actual hack.  The hack cant really have an easy picture so we used the best teleportation picture out there from star trek 🙂

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