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Rift Cheats

Rift CheatsSo if you are looking for a rift online cheat you will be looking for one of 2 things in the game. You are either looking for the more underground things which more players believe would be a rift exploit such as dupes. Or you are merely looking for legit ways to get an advantage in rift online which would be a rift secret.

The majority of players who are after rift online cheats are going to be after the first of those 2 which is going to be more seedy underground things. These could be things such as a dupe for plats in the game that will allow you to easily have a giant wealth of money over your opponents in rift online.

Here are some rift online cheats that are actually working as this was published. There is a xp quest dupe that allows you to bug a quest and get tons of free xp in the game. There is a farming spot that has bugged mobs that you can easily get more than 25 plats per hour easily farming in the game. A way to cheat in the world events and get tons of easy xp. Ways to help you cast faster than normal during pvp battles. A way to get near invincibility by just using your archmage souls in the game. Ways to get on top of special areas in the game. Ways to bug the spawns during rifts for awesome look. Ways to kill certain mobs over and over for either great loot or great xp.

Those are just a small taste of some of the major rift online cheats in existence. Now we know there are plenty out there and we will go in depth for some of the major rift online cheats players are using as well. You need to be forewarned though that a majority of the time you can get your account banned or suspended for just using a rift online cheat. So be sure to cheat up on the cheat you are using so they wont actually ban you in the game. Trion hasn’t done any real bannings but there is a word of caution if you are caught doing it multiple time sin the game.

Also if you know of a special rift online cheat you can always submit it to taultunleashed’s rift online section here and get a free premium and real life cash too – Rift Submissions

Here is also the full list of things taultunleashed has for Rift Cheats

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