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Rift Bots

Rift BotsIf you are playing rift online then you might want to start using a rift in game leveling bot. Rift bots will help players have the ability to now level overnight with little to no work on their part. To start lets talk about how the majority of rift bots are being set up in the game.

First someone needs to find all the offsets in rift online. These rift online offsets allow the games memory to be read by a program and act accordingly. Now after the offsets are done a bot can be programmed that acts based on those offsets being given out to the game. Keep in mind though there is no bot out there that has what is called the mob array. This means that the majority of bots out there are just hitting the next mob key on your keyboard instead of actually letting you select types of mobs to attack. This sucks for the players because it can cause you to attack random things you would normally not want too. Thus getting you killed or easily detected by trion admins for botting and banned. The only major rift bot that will not be set up like this is going to be mmoviper. Mmoviper has plans to set up their bot so it will actually have the mob array and be able to easily kill things in the game.

Now this is how you will set up an average rift bot in the game. First of all you will select a path. Basically you record a giant stretch in the game of area and select where to go and what mobs to find. With this path you can help make your bot seem like a player running in a giant circle looking for things. Then you will select certain things you do and do not want to loot on mobs. Gray items and so on. Then you select teh type of skills your player is. So if you are a mage select your ranged spells and all those good things. Finally you take care of healing which is going to tell your bot when you heal in the game, when to rest, certain situations you should log off and more. That is all you need to do when having your own rift online bot.

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