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[00:46]  <skullworm>  
return of reckoning
[01:44]  <classic>  
where to find MMO duplicate items/gold hacks for an old mmorpg called dream of mirror online?
[01:47]  <classic>  
anyone selling dupe hacks here for an old game? message me pls
[09:46]  <xjust1nx>  
Any working free bot for Cabal online?
[16:56]  <pursuited357>  
So you all know I have been trying endlessly to get ahold of the admin here... no luck... I will likely make a sister site to mirror this one.... (I am pursuited btw, an old moderator from here)
[03:30]  <pursuited357>  
still pursuing
[23:35]  <poondavo>  
sith holocron
[23:59]  <pursuited357>  
March 13th, 2021 - No response from Admin...
[00:36]  <pursuited357>  
Anyone who reads this. If you want a clone of this site up and running email me: pursuited357@gmail.com
[14:10]  <psyborpunk>  
rumble fighter
[02:11]  <pursuited357>  
[18:52]  <goldenrice>  
[18:52]  <goldenrice>  
[10:25]  <omen285>  
I know this site caters to an old old old old player base but i wanna post this question just in case:
[10:26]  <omen285>  
Does anyone know the details of how to use the BellHop exploit?
[11:23]  <daneti>  
[17:13]  <omen285>  
i just hacked this
[17:13]  <omen285>  
dudes account can someone show me these tuts
[21:15]  <omen285>  
[21:15]  <omen285>  
ur poor glooks
[08:25]  <daneti>  
[14:33]  <z080023>  
[05:39]  <crome0123>  
[00:33]  <danyp1>  
how do i change my password?
[10:50]  <rezzy80>  
magic cast
• Use sound?
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General Cheats

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Site News

News Going On Around TU. You Can Reply To Topics Here But Not Create Them.
posts: 978
topics: 401
Re: Blade and Soul Bot (B…
by: amsidd
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General Discussion

Talk about anything here. Site related or not.
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Purchased premium but sit…
by: mledelen
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Contests & Prizes

Here are the latest contests and prizes for taultunleashed. From winning free memberships, to nintendo wiis, to playstation 3s, to ipods. We have tons of contests going on all the time. This is a great way of us saying thank you to our loyal members for being apart of the greatest mmo site out there.
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Re: Mid May 2011 Contest …
by: lauleeth
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User Reviews

Tell us the positive reviews you have had from using taultunleashed.com. Such as finding a great swg hack to help you. Maybe using one of our awesome rift new guides. Using one of the best hacks out there for wow. The helpful community for what you are after. Also reviews posted here will give you 100 tu bucks as a nice incentive to make a post.
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Re: Welcoming and friendl…
by: puusykate
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Request A Guide

Use this forum to request all guides you need. Simply put the games name and what you are looking for in the topic title, and talk about what you are after in the post details.
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Phantasy Star Online 2 ( …
by: haqqon
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FAQ About Most Everything On The Site. For programs please read the Xunleashed and Exhume Forums.
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Re: How To Contact The St…
by: obikan
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General & Trouble Shooting

If you read the FAQ and still cant find your answer post it here and the staff will help you asap. Use this for Account Support as well.
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(im old moderator here) H…
by: pursuited357
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Site and Program Suggestions

Post here suggestions you have to make this website the best it can be. Also be sure to post programs you would like to have.
posts: 741
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Re: APB Aimbot / Exploits
by: redcoffe
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FPS / MMORPG / RTS Discussion

Talk about anything relating to FPS's, MMORPG's, and RTS's that are not listed in thier own category.
posts: 4008
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RUST - Comprehensive Ban …
by: belzybub
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Beta Talk

Talk about new betas and games coming out. This helps the community know about new games and us on what games we should support.
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Camelot Unchained, player…
by: jamesgoblin
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