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[07:29]  <healerofdark>  
or addon
[14:00]  <jaeru13>  
[11:36]  <pursuited357>  
@Tault_Admin: Please mesg me to show you want some help.. I have not heard from you... PM on Tault, Email: pursuited357@gmail.com : or Discord:pursuited#2643 (my icon is a blue question mark).
[11:45]  <pursuited357>  
@Tault_Admin: It is rare for you to find a Tault Unleashed Staff Member from 10+ Years ago, come back to this very site and offer to help and re-build this once great place... If your serious @tault_admin then contact me.... I have shown my outwardness to help -- You said you need help... So then now what? Lets open some communication...
[12:50]  <pursuited357>  
@Tault_Admin: I am sure alot are curious on this as well - Is there an Official Discord Server for tault unleashed?
[05:07]  <svenskystinkywinky>  
Hi, are there any working dupes in STO?
[14:17]  <jahnam20>  
looking for warrior script
[16:29]  <zooox117>  
were to get cheat
[16:32]  <zooox117>  
mmo viper
[16:40]  <zooox117>  
diablo 3 cheat were to get '
[19:40]  <kreetle>  
im trying to find a bot that can control a couple characters for LoTRO, just a healer and a dps
[17:22]  <coltan>  
swg auto reverse engineering
[08:48]  <auemperor94>  
[17:06]  <Tault_admin>  
The problem with a discord as it will take traffic away from the forums.. and TU isnt really a discussion kind of site.
[17:06]  <Tault_admin>  
For others, there is very old information here that has not been sorted and old/outdated information removed yet.
[13:10]  <thesinerd>  
can i help
[00:53]  <pursuited357>  
@Admin: I agree that a Discord Server will likely take traffic away from the forum and deter submissions... So then I have to ask what is your game plan for this revival of TU? And if you are looking for help as you posted, how should someone reach you? I personally have left multiple PMs and Posts and this Chat... So for those who would want to help out -- What do you suggest they do?
[11:16]  <thesinerd>  
i need help getting my old account active
[11:17]  <se7enthsin>  
[14:35]  <se7enthsin>  
http://www.tucex.com/ needs to be removed as its not longer a active site.. thanks
[05:02]  <seadon>  
[22:27]  <andrew0572>  
[18:07]  <shanelp>  
do any of the ffxi bots still work?
[07:22]  <se7enthsin>  
mmoviper is live and well.
[18:33]  <se7enthsin>  
I want to spend my tu bucks! Can i get prem back on here with those
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General Cheats

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Site News

News Going On Around TU. You Can Reply To Topics Here But Not Create Them.
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Re: Looking for Moderators
by: se7enthsin
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General Discussion

Talk about anything here. Site related or not.
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Re: Fair warning to anyon…
by: se7enthsin
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Contests & Prizes

Here are the latest contests and prizes for taultunleashed. From winning free memberships, to nintendo wiis, to playstation 3s, to ipods. We have tons of contests going on all the time. This is a great way of us saying thank you to our loyal members for being apart of the greatest mmo site out there.
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User Reviews

Tell us the positive reviews you have had from using taultunleashed.com. Such as finding a great swg hack to help you. Maybe using one of our awesome rift new guides. Using one of the best hacks out there for wow. The helpful community for what you are after. Also reviews posted here will give you 100 tu bucks as a nice incentive to make a post.
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Re: Welcoming and friendl…
by: puusykate
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Request A Guide

Use this forum to request all guides you need. Simply put the games name and what you are looking for in the topic title, and talk about what you are after in the post details.
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Phantasy Star Online 2 ( …
by: haqqon
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FAQ About Most Everything On The Site. For programs please read the Xunleashed and Exhume Forums.
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Re: How To Contact The St…
by: pursuited357
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General & Trouble Shooting

If you read the FAQ and still cant find your answer post it here and the staff will help you asap. Use this for Account Support as well.
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Re: Premium Content
by: th31ld
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Site and Program Suggestions

Post here suggestions you have to make this website the best it can be. Also be sure to post programs you would like to have.
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Re: Add Final Fantasy XIV
by: se7enthsin
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FPS / MMORPG / RTS Discussion

Talk about anything relating to FPS's, MMORPG's, and RTS's that are not listed in thier own category.
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Re: New Gunz Online Mod
by: se7enthsin
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Beta Talk

Talk about new betas and games coming out. This helps the community know about new games and us on what games we should support.
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Camelot Unchained, player…
by: jamesgoblin
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