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Star Trek Online Giving Player Generated Content Tools Out

Star Trek Online Giving Player Generated Content Tools Out

Crptic studios is trying a brand new thing with star trek online in hopes of giving them a new edge on the mmo community and hopefully working out for them in the long run. The star trek online forums now have a new sections that is for hosting and the foundry area.

The foundry is going to give you a ton of new content and options in the game.  Originally they have been criticized fo ra lack of updates but it seems there is a giant update coming.  Now players can customize pre made planet surfaces, and even their own star systems with their own encounters in the game.  Also the objects and story can be changed now too.  If you are really adventurous you can create your own star system from scratch in the game.

The system then you can submit for a peer review.  This aim will allow only the best missions to make it for players to tackle in the new community authored content tab.  This is going to be great for players that want to make their own story and want others to check it out.  Think neverwinter nights or Dungeons and dragons to an extend for these updates.

A beta for these tools will be given out shortly to select players to test out while they prepare for a more full release in the near future.


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