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WoW Cataclysm Tanking Changes Coming

WoW Cataclysm Tanking Changes Coming

World of Warcraft cataclysm is coming closer and closer and blizzard is still working on tweaking all those new class abilities.  Based on user feedback they are going to assess tanking cooldowns int he game.  When a player hits level 85 they will be able to get a new set of in game abilities.  Druids will have savage defense, death knights will have self healing, and more.  The problem being is these new abilities need further testing to know what an exact change will be needed with them.
For example paladins and warriors sometimes will have the ability to block chance to grow to highly to quickly and create situations that with stacked mastery, and warrior shield blocking start to behave strangely.   In order to stop that scenario blizzard is going to fix that with the following changes.

Paladins -Holy shield will have its block value chance of 10% instead of 15% with a total of 40% possible.  Also mastery will be reduced to 2.25% block chance per point from the original setting of 3%.

Warriors -At level 85 sheild block decreases in value as mastery increases in value.  For a fix they are going to do a overflow of block + avoidance in the game that exceeds 100% into critical block chance instead.  This change will reduce sheild block to +25% down from +100% chance.  However it will still yield a new buff for more warriors.  Also the amount of block and critical block by mastery will be equalized.  Mastery will now give you a 1.5% block chance per point.

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