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Guild Wars 2 Cheats

Guild Wars 2 CheatsWhen it comes to obtaining gold in guild wars 2 it can be a chore. You spend hours doing quests, killing mobs, and working on your dailies only to see you aren’t even close to getting all the gold you need. You see all your friends pass you by in the game because they have tons of in game gold and then they leave you to start enjoying the higher end game content that keeps getting better and better. What most your friends wont tell you is they have a secret to help them farm all this gold. That is using Guild Wars 2 Cheats in the game. With these they are able to horde tons of in game gold from just finding simple cheats in the game. Here are the major types of cheats players are using in GW2.

Guild Wars 2 Gold Cheats, Farming Cheats, GW2 Gold Quest Cheats

The first major GW2 cheats for making gold is going to be ways to exploit quests in the game. Doing these will bug out quests to give you rewards higher than you should get or allow you to complete these quests on an unnatural timer. For example maybe you have a way to allow you to repeat a quest over and over with no cool down timer to reep a high end reward. Or maybe you found a way to have an NPC you take a quest from constantly give out the gold reward to you even though he is suppose to do it only once in the game.

The second way is via mobs in the game. For example if you find mobs on instant spawn timers you can kill them over and over with high level aoe spells and then start looting. Lots of players do this bug and they set up simple GW2 macros to farm the spots over night and wake up to tons of gold. Also players can find certain mobs that are bugged to have a 100% drop rate for high value items which they farm and just sell those items to other players in the game.

Finally the most sought after of the Guild War 2 Cheats for earning gold has to be with bosses. Finding ways to spot bosses from spawning adds or having them allow to be looted multiple times is the holy grail when it comes to cheats. If you can solo an end game boss or have it so you and some friends and easily kill one without an risk then you can gain the most gold the quickest in the game.

Words of caution when using these cheats. First of all only share them at taultunleashed you can get into the premium area and enjoy all the premium perks we have to offer on the site. Secondly you need to only do these when others arent around. IF another player watches you he will do one of 2 things. Either try to copy what you are doing thus letting others find out about it easily in game and getting it nerfed, or report you and have a GM warn, suspend, or ban your account. Other than that these cheats are ripe for the picking.

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