Guild Wars 2 Exploits
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Guild Wars 2 Exploits

GW2 ExploitsWhen it comes to playing guild wars 2 you are going to need 3 main things in the game. The first is going to of course be a higher level. Reaching the next level in guild wars 2 is what the fun is all about. You can enjoy the fight with your friends, work to take down large scale bosses, and ultimately become a stronger player by just working with your team mates. Secondly you’ll need gold. Gold is the thing that makes the world go round and round in the game. It allows you to buy equipment, purchase items from vendors, and trade with players. Without enough gold you cant help your character level. Finally high end loot. This could be specialty weapons from quests. Hidden armor from end game bosses, or acquiring loot from finding a special mob in the game. What all these 2 have in common is you can get them all from guild wars 2 exploits.

Guild Wars 2 Leveling Exploits, Gold Exploits, and Farming Exploits

When it comes to great GW2 exploits you are going to get them from a few different ways in the game we are going to focus mainly on leveling exploits and give some major examples in the game.
The first one is leveling exploits from mobs. These would be ways to help you kill normal monsters in the game. You might do this by getting them stuck in an area on the terrain so you can kill them easily. Finding a way to have them instant spawn for quick experience. Or learning ways to make yourself invincible so you can easily kill them.

Second you can have leveling through end game bosses. This might be a finding a way once again to get a high end boss to bug out. It could be making the boss move to a certain point on the map so it will forever try to return to its starting zone. Making bosses give extra xp from killing the minion spawns they have, or finally having a boss instantly die from a glitched weapon you have.

Finally you can have guild wars 2 exploits of leveling via questing. This is going to be probably the biggest one people use in the game. First of all you might find a way to accept a quest and have it auto completed from finding a way to have the NPC / event that gives the quest being completed by other players. Or better yet having a quest on an instant bug so you can take it over and over again. So lets say you need to clear out a certain area of mobs in the game. You can have the quest bug so when you kill all the mobs a daily chest will spawn a mob and have you kill him again. Then you can get the xp rewards for the quest again because it is bugged to reset. Doing this over and over again all day can in turn make you tons of easy experience. To make matters even better you can level even faster from having a bot set up to automate this leveling process for you.

While these might not be 100% working guild wars 2 exploits it will give you a great idea of what you have in store for yourself when it comes to leveling in guild wars 2 and what you will have to deal with and or potentially find in the game.

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