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TaultUnleashed Using Torhead

TaultUnleashed SWTOR Database

Just wanted everyone to know we are now doing a nice little addition by using the torhead features. We feel torhead is the best database out there for SWTOR so this is a great way for members to easily help others in the game. SO the way this works is now lets say you have an item or something in the game you want players to see. Well just post the link for the item in your post. Then when its hovered over it will show stats on that item. You can do this for quests, NPCs, items, mobs, and more. Pretty much anything you can link to on the site will now allow you to do a nice pop up for members.

We will be adding this also to other games. Expect things like this in our wow forums, ff14, and other areas. These links also will only work on the SWTOR area. So you dont have to worry about posting a torhead link on a different forum and it not popping up. We did this to stop some confusion on the site.

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