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Posted: March 2nd, 2017, 8:21 pm

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Here are two pvp builds that are viable in 1v1 duels and hero games bash. There are other builds but I can only give two because the maximum number of URL's allowed is 2.
In PvP you ideally want to keep clicking conviction when its available to get a steady stream of self heals. Conviction has a 5 ish second cooldown, so when conviction is still recharging, you have time to attack your enemy with your "spam attacks". Pestilence's spam attack is infernal blasts, the Night Warrior's spam attack is the pulse beam rifle. It's important you watch your enemy's HUD, since you want to know exactly when they ego surge. When they ego surge, it means they are about to unleash a combo on you, it will deal devastating damage, so once you see the ego surge icon under your enemy's name (it will look like a man with some sort of pink squiggly lines) quickly click either Masterful Dodge or Unbreakable. These two powers are called Active Defenses (AD's). Masterful dodge is ideally better since it halves all damage taken, Unbreakable removes a flat amount. When you ego surge, you should preferably do it when they don't have an AD on. There are multiple ways to achieve this.

1) They are an AD spammer, this will be easy, wait for their AD to expire (check under their HUD for the buff to go away). Once it expires they can't AD for a duration, this will be a window of opportunity for you to spike them down.
2) Knock them so they can't AD while they are off their feet. Both builds I gave use Tractor Beam, which is a guaranteed knockback, this will give you some time to ego surge and unleash your combo. You should unleash your combos very quickly so they don't have time to AD before you finish.

The 2nd strategy is almost a surewin since they can't AD while they are off their feet. However it requires your combo to be very fast, fast enough for them to be dead before the character gets back on their feet.
The 1st strategy, though easier, will not work if your opponent has Nanobot Swarm, which removes a chunk of cooldown time. (At rank 3 it takes off 24 seconds of cooldown waiting time) so if you ego surge, they can theoretically hit nanobot swarm and AD, which will ruin your combo.

Pestilence Tractor Beam Build
http://aesica.net/co/herocreator.htm?v= ... Cd3T3B0CAT
Spam Infernal Blasts, Void Shift then tap tractors beam when in range for the knock, ego surge rimefire burst for the spike, including device attacks in the ego surge crit buff duration will further increase damage of your spike.
Pestilence is very good since it cuts healing in half. So you can grind your enemy down.

Night Warrior Tractor Beam Strafing Run Build
http://aesica.net/co/herocreator.htm?v= ... Cd3T3B0CAT
Click and hold pulse beam rifle for continuous damage, Void Shift then tap tractors beam when in range for the knock, ego surge strafing run for the spike, quickly click nanobot swarm to refresh cooldown of strafing run to let you hit it again during the ego surge crit buff duration. It's best if you use Ice Grenades right after you hit ego surge to do significant damage and root for you to aim your strafing run, try to nanobot swarm right away so you can hit your second strafing run while the enemy is still rooted from the ice grenade. Other devices can be used to add on to your attacks while the ego surge buff is still on.
Night Warrior is good because of the damage bonus it gives. If you have the gear, you can hit very hard, and if you have devices, your devices will hit harder too. Nanobot Swarm will set all your device cooldowns to zero, so if you have ego surge on, you can use your devices more often during the ego surge critical buff duration.

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