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Base exploits : City of Heroes - Submissions

Posted: December 28th, 2007, 12:06 am

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(Hoping for premium for a short while, for this.)

-Base Plot Exploit-

The effects of this exploit will give your base the largest plot available, enabling you to place the maximum amount of all module types and create as many rooms as you like. It's easy to do.

Obtain a client-side memory editor. "Cheat Engine" suffices. Google for it if you don't know what it is. While in your base, attach the program to the City of Heroes process. Enter the base editing menu. Enter the exact number of your prestige into cheat engine's "search" area, 4-bytes. There should only be two addresses that result. If more than two addresses result, sell and/or place something in order to change your prestige, enter the new number, then enter "search again" to narrow down the addresses.

Once you've got the address for your prestige, add it to the code list, freeze it, and change it to "1999999999", or the highest number available. This is a simple trick most of you have likely already tried: but I was stubborn enough to see if it worked with anything at all.

When placing rooms or base modules, the edited prestige will not count. However, when upgrading the base plot, you will see that the most expensive plots now flash from grey to highlighted green. When one of them is flashing white and green, click it and replace your current lot with the lot selected. Presto.

This -does- work, and you can place rooms beyond your former plot size to confirm that it does. There's almost no way for this trick to set off any immediate alarms, but it could be noticed by anyone raiding against you if they took the time to check your maximum prestige count and referenced it to how much the plot would cost. Note that because this plot shouldn't be available to you with your maximum prestige count, there -may- be ways to get extra, free prestige by reselling the plot or building and selling rooms beyond the normal plot range the server believes you are still using. Currently I have not found a successful method as to either, but am confident one is there. Feel free to play around and post back.

-Base prestige exploit-
(Note: Only works half the time and requires two people)

The ideal time to use this is when the server has just gone down for maintenance, and while it was going down (the last 15 seconds or so), you were moving rooms around. When the server comes back up, create a control room and place something very expensive like a supercomputer into it. Then place a salvage rack into it. Have a friend constantly put salvage into and pull salvage out of the salvage rack while you continously press "delete room" in the toolbar. Do this until the base is flashing yellow/white and lagging to the point where you are briefly "disconnected from map server" and then tell your buddy to stop after taking all the salvage out. You will be reconnected without needing to do anything shortly(with the base edit menu still up). At that point, actually sell the room with everything in it. About 32% of the time, this will net you twice or three times the amount of prestige the room was worth. This has been tested thoroughly.

Now here's the tricky part. The next thing you sell in the base after you perform this trick successfully will put your prestige immediately back to what it should be, plus the worth of what you just sold. What this means is that the server will reset your prestige to what it's supposed to be as soon as you gain anymore prestige. You have two options: Buy something that costs altogether more than the prestige you -should- have, and place it to permenate the tricked prestige, or wait for a server maintenance to permenate your tricked prestige (however remember you cannot gain any prestige -until- that point or your prestige will reset.)

Note that performing this trick to multiply upon itself -does- work if the room dosn't actually sell, which happened very rarely when we tested it. This means in the act of performing the map-disconnected part of the process, you got the prestige for selling the room, plus any bonus, but the room didn't actually delete. In this case, you can try the trick again to repeatedly multiply your prestige, but if the room does succeed to actually sell, your prestige will be reset to what it should be.

We believe the reason this bug sometimes works is because it repeatedly enters a cache memory of the amount of prestige everytime you press "delete room" and choose "yes" while there is still salvage in the salvage rack, then hooks itself and saves when you disconnect while in the base editing menu. When you actually sell the room, you get the multiplied amount of prestige. But remember this has to be timed very well and done with precision: any moment that the server has to refresh that cache of the prestige to what you -should- get, it will do so.

- Final Notes -

We've been playing around with mixing the symptoms of both exploits to gain a more reliable way to trick prestige, but as of right now these are the two best things that we discovered. The plot exploit works 100%

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Posted: December 28th, 2007, 4:02 pm

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Can members say yay or nay to this being moved to a confirmed section.

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Posted: January 21st, 2008, 1:55 pm
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Tried this and all that happens is the value at the memory location keeps changing itself back to the original value. Also, when I make the change, for a time shorter than a second the value in the game changes, but then immediately reverts back to the original value.


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Posted: December 28th, 2009, 9:25 am

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These game designers are smart, i believe they have found a way to deal with that exploit.


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