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Posted: August 20th, 2006, 8:11 am
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Some people know this trick/tip but there are people out there who do not.

This mission is the end chain to rescueing Sam Wincott, he is the son of the contact you have when first entering The hollows.

On the Mission BEFORE the caverns you will find yourself in front of an ornate door that leads to a mystical base filled with shadow followers (ghosts), deamon lords, pumic elders, ruin mages, force mages and archers. You can actually solo this if you can do enough damage. You should have ranged attack also. While in this mish you may die... if you do and you select go to hospital you will be instead teleported to a green prison room with a magical force barrier on the door, destroy the door and start sniping the archer guards. Eventually you will be left with pumic elders and one or two mages. Lure them into the prison rooms (Btw you have to work fast since the barriers sometimes regenerate, there were a couple that did not regen while I was in the mission and one that kept closing up on me.) If you can lure a pumic elder into the room with you and he kills you... IMMEDIATLY hit 'go to hospital' most of the time you will respawn in the same room with full health and full end and can start blasting him before he triggers that you are there. (I was 16th level and I only got 4k debt doing that and most of that was gone by the end of the mission chain.) Other times you will be teleported to a nearby prison chamber and have to blast out of that one...HOWEVER you will be able to get out before he fully heals up and you can start on him again.

YOU NEED 8 people to do this Task force. No less!
On the last mission (Cavern of Trans) You need a toon that can do invisibility and recall friend. ONE important note. if this person selected those powers AFTER level 16 they will not have those powers for this mission. (the mission automatically exemps people down to 16 now.)

When the mission comes up the toons need to run for the nearest troll tunnel and wait inside.

as a note in the tunnel are tons of Trolls w/wo explosives (these explosives will take out a group in one round., Tons Of CoT and Pumic elders. If your team choose's to fight its way there, more then likly your team will not make it. either from being beat down or not having enough time to complet the mission.

INSTEAD. Have the stealth Teleporter run to the mission gate (Nope the troll tunnels are not the mission gate, its farther in) inside the tunnels. (It can take time sine the tunnels are convoluted) once at the mission gate tp everyone to the gate. CAUTION everyone before they go in. INSIDE the gate are MORE elder pumice and mages and LAVA fields. once everyone is inside, its time for the Stealth toon to once more work hard. they have to go to each of the 8 side tunnels and tp one toon to each oblisk or magic rock spire. and all at the same time (watching the countdown timer helps) click on the runed rock. this will cause a magical ramp with ANOTHER door to appear.

ONCE more the stealth toon has more work. They have to run up the ramp and open the door and run to the BACK of this hall. INSIDE this hall are the meanest badest toughest ELDER pumic's in this mission.. and young Sam Wincott. The room mobs are divided into two groups. The MOB at the front of the hall/cave and the 5 guarding the kid near the back.
The stealth toon needs to select the toughest tanker or scrapper of the team and teleport them first, because as soon as he becomes visible the pumic attack. If the tanker/scrapper can pull the 5 pumic;s off the stealth toon you can then tp everyone else into the room and let the melee begin. Some groups claim they don't get enough exp.. there is all these mobs hanging around.. NOW once the mission is completed they can fight to their hearts content. Inside the mission or back in the tunnels, they can battle their way out.

I did this mission both ways fighting our way there with a load of tanks/scraps and healers and we died several times. and I have done it 3 times with stealth and recall. The Latter one's took less then 40 mins to complete (you have 90 mins to do this mish)

Hope this helps.

Look me up online at Infinity server, My toon name is Banddroid.

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Posted: August 20th, 2006, 11:18 am

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Can premium members say yay or nay to this being moved to a confirmed section.

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